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- Vishay’s product portfolio is an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETs, and optoelectronics) and passive components (resistors, inductors, and capacitors). These components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment in the industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets. Vishay is proud to be a major partner with Digi-Key.

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Image of Vishay's Sample and Design Kits

Sample and Design Kits

Vishay offers its sample and design starter kits containing capacitors, resistors, and sensor starter kits to make the designer's component selection easier.

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Image of Vishay's PTS Temp Sensors

PTS Platinum SMD Flat Chip Temperature Sensors

Vishay's PTS AT SMD flat chip temperature sensors are the perfect choice for temperature control of electronics operating under varying environmental conditions.

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Image of Vishay Beyschlag's MM-HV Professional High Voltage Thin Film MELF Resistors

MM-HV Professional High Voltage Thin-Film MELF Resistors

MM-HV Professional High Voltage Thin-Film MELF Resistors

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Industrial Factory Thumbnail

Factory Automation Components

Vishay's factory automation components for motor drives, testers, and control units available at DigiKey. Buy capacitors, MOSFETs, inductors, and more!

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Telecommunication Infrastructure Thumbnail

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Vishay's products for transmitters, base stations, modems, line cards, and DC/DC bricks includes MOSFETs, diodes, ICs, and more available at DigiKey.

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Telecommunication Mobile Thumbnail

Mobile Telecommunications

Vishay offers smartphone, wireless modem, and wireless charging components including resistors, ICs, MOSFETs, capacitors, and more. Order at DigiKey today!

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Tools & Support

Image of Vishay's Chip Fuse Developments

Chip Fuse Developments for Secondary Circuit Protection

Technical note: Developments for secondary circuit protection safety standards required in battery powered instruments. Learn More

Image of Vishay's Linear Film Resistors

Linear Film Resistors

Technical note: Model calculation for drift of thin film resistors. Learn More

Image of Vishay's Linear Film Resistors Pulse Load

Linear Film Resistors - Pulse load handling for fixed Linear Resistors

Technical note: Power and thermal behavior of fixed linear resistors are mostly based on DC or RMS loads, but pulse loads, like single energy pulse or a continuous flow of pulses, become more and more an important factor in professional electronics. Learn More

Image of Vishay's Basics Linear Fixed Resistors

Basics of Linear Fixed Resistors

Applications note: It is a rare circuit that can do without resistors and yet a look at a modern circuit board will show that it has become more difficult to locate them visually. What are they and where are they? Learn More

Image of Vishay's E Series Values

E-Series Values

Standard series values in a decade for resistance and capacitances. Learn More

Image of Vishay's Recommended Solder Pad Dimensions

Recommended Solder Pad Dimensions

Pattern styles for SMD resistors and thick film flat chip resistor arrays. Learn More

Product Training Modules View All (4)

RES 4.99K OHM 1/4W .1% 0406 WIDE

MCW 0406 AT Thin Film Chip Resistor

Duration: 5 minutes

With its high power and high temperature ratings, MCW can replace larger case sizes such as 1206 chip resistors while improving the thermal cycling behavior.


Platinum Thin Film Surface Mount Temperature Sensor (PTS)

Duration: 5 minutes

Learn about the features, benefits, and various applications best suited for Vishay's PTS Series.

RES 1.0K OHM 1/10W .1% SMD 0603

MC AT Thin Film Chip Resistor

Duration: 5 minutes

Stability and reliability, high ESD capabilities, and humidity robustness help make the MC AT meet the needs of advanced automotive applications.


ACAS Thin Film Chip Resistor Array

Duration: 5 minutes

Ability to remain stable and accurate over as time and temperatures, the ACAS family is best suited for precision voltage dividers and converter applications.

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