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- Transphorm is a global semiconductor company that develops gallium nitride (GaN) FETs for high-voltage power conversion applications. Built on an industry-leading IP portfolio and over 300 years of combined GaN engineering expertise, Transphorm is delivering the highest performance and highest reliability GaN devices and best-in-class applications-driven design support to a growing customer base. Transphorm is creating innovations that move beyond the limitations of silicon to capture 90% of today’s energy losses.

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Image of Transphorm's TDHBG2500P100: 2.5 kW Half-Bridge Evaluation Board

TDHBG2500P100 2.5 kW Half-Bridge Evaluation Board

The TDHBG2500P100 half-bridge evaluation board provides the elements of a simple buck or boost converter for basic study of switching characteristics and efficiency achievable with Transphorm’s 650 V GaN FETs.

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