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Terasic Technologies

- Terasic is a leading provider of high-performance hardware and software solutions for the ASIC prototyping, multimedia, and image processing markets. Terasic produces highly optimized FPGA systems that enhance the development of cutting-edge products.

With strong expertise in developing complex FPGA systems for multimedia and image processing applications, Terasic provides fully integrated hardware and software solutions to help customers achieve their aggressive project schedule for time-to-market.

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Image of Terasic's DE10-Nano

DE10-Nano Development Kit

Terasic's DE10-Nano development kit presents a robust hardware design platform built around the Intel SoC FPGA, combining the Cortex-A9 embedded cores with programmable logic for ultimate design flexibility.

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Image of Terasic Technologies Inc's A-Cute Car Robotic

A-Cute Car Robotic

Terasic Technology's introduces their A-Cute line-following robotic car kit that utilizes an Altera Cyclone IV FPGA board and includes the necessary hardware for a remote car application.

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Image of Terasic's Atlas-SoC Development Platform

Atlas-SoC Development Platform

Designed for the embedded software developer, Terasic offers their Atlas-SoC development platform, built around the Altera System-on-Chip (SoC) FPGA.

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Image of Terasic's Spider Robot Kit

Spider Robot Kit

The Terasic Spider is a six-legged walking robot that is driven with 18 servo motors, controlled by PWM signals generated from the Altera DE0-Nano-SoC board.

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Image of Terasic's RN42 BlueTooth v2.1 SPP (Serial Port Profile)

RN42 Bluetooth v2.1 Serial Port Profile (SPP)

Terasic BTS-TMD is a Bluetooth v2.1 module with serial port profile, small form factor and low power for users who want to equip wireless capability to their design.

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Image of Terasic/Altera's MAX10 NEEK

MAX 10 Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit

Terasic/Altera's MAX 10 NEEK is a full-featured embedded evaluation kit based upon the MAX 10 family of FPGAs.

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Terasic- A-Cute Car Line Following Robot Kit

Overview of the contents of Terasic's A-Cute Car Robot Kit

An Embedded Designer's Dream Platform

View a 3 minute demo of the NEEK MAX 10 FPGA kit that includes controlling a robot spider.

Low Cost FPGA Kits Available Now

Jennifer Stephenson, an applications engineer with Altera Corporation discusses the new Terasic Cyclone V GX Starter Kit. This starter kit provides a flexible platform with numerous on-board peripherals , interfaces, and expansion ports.