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TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc.

- TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc. was founded in 1948 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, the company is a leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters for Industrial, COTS, Medical, Telecom, Datacom, and Test & Measurement applications worldwide.

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Image of TDK's TPS3000 Series Power Supply

TPS3000 Series Power Supply

TDK-Lambda brand’s TPS3000-24 power supply delivers up to 3,200 W output power (24 V at 133.3 A) in a 2-U-high package.

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Image of TDK Lambda RFE2500 Series Industrial Power Supplies

RFE2500 Series Industrial Power Supplies

TDK Corporation announces the release of the TDK-Lambda brand, RFE2500 series AC-DC power supplies.

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Image of TDK-Lambda's CCG15S Series DC-DC Converters

CCG15S Series DC-DC Converters

TDK-Lambda's CCG15S series 15 W DC-DC converters feature 4:1 input and a six-sided shielding metal case that allows operation in ambient temperatures while maintaining an operating efficiency of up to 88%.

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Image of TDK Lambda's KMS-A Series

KMS-A Series Power Supplies

TDK Corporation has introduced the TDK-Lambda KMS-A 15 W to 60 W board mount AC-DC medical and ITE certified power supplies.

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Image of TDK Lambda EVS Series Constant Current Power Supplies

EVS Series Constant-Current Power Supplies

TDK Corporation has released the TDK-Lambda brand EVS constant-current AC-DC power supplies.

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Image of TDK-Lambda's CUS200M Series Power Supplies

CUS200M Series Power Supplies

TDK's CUS200M series of medically and ITE certified power supplies are ideal for hospital, dental, and measurement equipment applications.

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CUS200M and 350M AC-DC Power Supply

Duration: 10 minutes

A general overview of TDK-Lambda’s CUS200M and CUS350M Power Supplies


i6A Series of Non-isolated DC-DC Converters

Duration: 5 minutes

This module will identify the features, show a typical application and review the performance of the i6A series of non-isolated DC-DC converters from TDK-Lambda.

DC-DC Converter

CCG30S Series of High Efficiency DC/DC Converters

Duration: 5 minutes

Overview of TDK-Lambda’s CCG30S series of DC/DC converters


EZA2500 Bi-directional DC-DC Converter

Duration: 5 minutes

The tutorial will review the features and benefits of the EZA2500 converter and highlight typical applications.

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TDK Lambda CUS200M AC DC Converters | Digi-Key Daily

TDK Lambda's CUS200M AC/DC converters quietly provide power for your application. The CUS200M power supplies provide up to 200W with only convection cooling resulting in no fan noise and are capable of delivering all common electronics DC voltages.

TDK-Lambda PFE1000FA AC/DC Power Modules | Digi-Key Daily

PFE1000FA AC/DC power modules from TDK-Lambda have a low profile but offer high efficiency and high power density making them ideal for industrial and outdoor applications.

TDK Lambda i6AN DC/DC Power Modules | Digi-Key Daily

TDK Lambda's i6AN series of DC/DC power modules offers a wide input range of 9 to 40 volts with a frame size of 33mm x 22.9 mm x 12.7 mm. Expect greater up-time due to auto-recovery protection which comes standard with the i6AN modules.

iBH 20A Non-isolated SMT Point of Load DC-DC Converter Video

TDK-Lambda introduces a 20A DOSA2 Point of Load DC-DC converter that can operate from both a 5V and 12Vdc bus. The iBH has a very small package size, requiring just 0.36 in2 board space and the output voltage can be adjusted from 0.7 to 5.5V.

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