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Samtec Inc.

is a worldwide manufacturer of P.C. Board level interconnects. Samtec is a global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnect solutions, including micro pitch board-to-board systems (on .100”, 2 mm, .050”, 1 mm, .8 mm, .635 mm, .5 mm, and .4 mm pitch), high-speed mezzanine systems, high-density arrays, IC-to-Board, Future-Proof/Active Optics, rugged/power systems, and cable assemblies (IDC, discrete wire, sealed/circulars, and high speed).

To meet the interconnect challenges of tomorrow and beyond, Samtec has developed Technology Centers dedicated to developing and advancing technologies and products that provide both performance and cost benefits, ensuring complete system optimization from the bare die to an interface 100 meters away, and all interconnect points in between.


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Board-To-Board Interconnect Systems

Board-To-Board Interconnect Systems

Find more ways to connect with Samtec interconnect systems. Samtec's board-to-board connectors are available online at Order ships today!

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Hi Reliability, Rugged Tiger Eye System

Tiger Eye™

Samtec's Tiger Eye interconnect products are available at Digi-Key. The Tiger Eye is available in surface mount and through-hole pins. Order online today!

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Edge Rate™

Samtec's Edge Rate Contact system is designed for high speed and high cycle apps. The Edge Rate contacts are available for immediate shipment at DigiKey.

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Image of Samtec's Q Strip® High Speed Mezzanine

Q Strip® High Speed Mezzanine

Samtec Q Strip mezzanine connectors are designed for high speed board-to-board apps. Q Strip connectors are available on .5mm, .635mm and .8mm pin pitches.

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Rugged/Power Connectors

Duration: 10 minutes

Samtec’s micro rugged connectors features include rugged Tiger Eye and Edge Rate contacts, IP68 waterproofed cables, and high speed, signal integrity Q series.

Board to Board Connectors

Board-to-Board Connectors

Duration: 5 minutes

Summary of Samtec's board-to-board interconnect solutions, discussion of the various types of contact systems available and their features and benefits.

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Samtec SeaRay

Samtec SeaRay high-speed, high-density arrays offer maximum grounding and routing flexibility.

Samtec Solder Charge Technology

Samtec Solder Charge Technology uses a stamping process to cut out and press the solder through a riveted hole in the terminal.

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