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Samsung Semiconductor

- Samsung Semiconductor's business aims to achieve excellence as a long life, energy saving and eco-friendly light source supplier in displays and lighting applications. Samsung's advanced semiconductor manufacturing expertise serves as a strong foundation to deliver state-of-the-art LED devices. Samsung offers LED based lighting solutions in the form of back light units in display panels, exterior and dashboard lighting in automotives, lighting packages and engines with and without integrated optics, and drivers.

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ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10 Modules

ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10 developer kits from Samsung include everything you need to begin developing products for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Image of Samsung LM561B Plus Middle Power Series LEDs

LM561B Plus Middle Power Series LEDs

LM561B+, Samsung Semiconductor’s mid-power LED package line-up with high light efficacy, is now offered with 3-step MacAdam ellipse bins and quarter bins.

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Image of Samsung Semiconductor's Constant Current LED Driver

Constant Current LED Drivers

Samsung's 50 W to 75 W constant current LED drivers with an operating range up to 2.1 A with 0 to 10 V dimming control.

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Image of Samsung LED's M-Series Linear Platform Modules

M-Series Linear Platform Modules

Samsung LED's M-series linear platform modules offer tight color binning for best color consistency and high uniformity.

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Image of Samsung LED's F Series LT-F562A

F Series LT-F562A LED Modules

Samsung's F Series LT-F562A LED modules are designed to expand length, simple mounting, and to adopt easy connection ways

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Image of Samsung LED's LH351A High-Power Series LEDs

LH351A High-Power Series LEDs

High-efficacy and high-quality color-rendering LEDs from Samsung LED.

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Samsung LED Overview

Patented Step by Step Manufactuing Process of the Samsung Lens Attached Module - or LAM, delivers leading edge technology to your Lighting Product.

Outdoor Engines

Outdoor Engines

Area Light Engines

The new LAM (Lens Attached Module) based on Samsung’s patented optical lens technology enables ‘SLIM’ luminaire design and provides better lm/$.

Downlight Engines

High efficacy Downlight Engines that are ideal for use in circular ceiling lights and downlights.