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Power Integrations

- Power Integrations is the leading supplier of high-voltage analog integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion. The company's innovative technology enables compact, energy-efficient power supplies in a wide range of electronic applications, including LED lighting, cell phone chargers, computers, LCD TVs, DVD players, set-top boxes, home appliances, telecom networking equipment, and many others.

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Image of Power Integrations InnoSwitch™-CH Family of ICs

InnoSwitch™-CH Family of ICs

Power Integrations' InnoSwitch™-CH Family of ICs combines primary, secondary and feedback circuits in a single surface mounted off-line flyback switcher IC.

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Image of Power Integrations LinkSwitch-4 Family IC

LinkSwitch™-4 Family ICs

Power Integrations LinkSwitch-4 family of offline power conversion ICs meets DoE-6 and CoC V5 2016 efficiency rules.

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Image of Power Integrations' LYTSwitch™-0 LED Driver ICs

LYTSwitch™-0 LED Driver ICs

Power Integrations' LYTSwitch-0 family is specifically designed for non-isolated, non-dimming LED bulbs and T8 tube applications.

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Image of Power Integrations' LYTSwitch-4 LED Driver ICs

LYTSwitch-4 LED Driver ICs

LYTSwitch family enables offline LED drivers with high power factor, which easily meet international requirements for THD and harmonics.

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Image of Power Integrations' Qspeed™ Series Advanced Diodes

Qspeed™ Series Advanced Diodes

Qspeed™ diodes use a unique silicon-based process to combine an extremely low reverse recovery charge (QRR) with a very soft recovery waveform.

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Image of Power Integrations' LinkSwitch™-PL

LinkSwitch™-PL - Power Integrations

Power Integrations introduces the LinkSwitch™-PL TRIAC-dimmable LED Driver ICs for non-isolated applications.

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TOPSwitch®-HX General Introduction

Duration: 15 minutes

Power supply control IC enables simple, every and cost savings, and flexible designs with up to 50 less components than competing solutions.

LNK-II CV/CC Converter Design

LinkSwitch-II Overview

Duration: 20 minutes

Simplifies CV/CC converter design, efficiency and cost savings, and guarantees accurate tolerances even with transformer, temperature, and input variations.



Duration: 15 minutes

An addition to the LinkSwitch family of integrated offline switcher ICs, its unique features include its ability to consume less than 4 mW in the off-mode.

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PI Expert Online Tutorial - Basic TOPSwitch JX Design

Learn how to build designs using TOPSwitch-JX within the PI expert design wizard.

Qspeed Diode Fundamentals

Qspeed™ diodes have the lowest QRR of any Silicon diode. Their recovery characteristics increase efficiency, reduce EMI and eliminate snubbers.

Building Your Own Power Supply With PI

Building Your Own Power Supply With PI

HiperPFS 2 Promo - EN

HiperPFS 2 Promo - EN

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