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Phoenix Mecano

- Phoenix Mecano manufactures an extensive line of watertight enclosures in Aluminum (cast and extruded), Fiberglass, Polyamide, Polycarbonate, ABS, and Stainless Steel. These durable enclosures are ideally suited for industrial and electronic applications such as instrumentation housings, modular tabletop, machine control, and hand-held enclosures. Protection ratings up to NEMA 4X, IP66, as well as increased safety, an example would be enclosures with ATEX and IECEX certification.

Custom Enclosures

Image of Phoenix Mecano's Customization

Digi-Key, in association with Phoenix Mecano, can offer you a quote on your custom enclosures. Learn More

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Image of Rose Bopla's Polyester Ex Empty Enclosures

Polyester Ex Empty Enclosures

Rose Industrial Enclosures offer fiberglass (polyester) watertight Ex safety enclosures that include a lid, a base, captive stainless steel lid screws, and a silicone gasket that are certified for use in hazardous locations.

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Image of Rose Bopla's Polycarbonate Enclosures

Polycarbonate Enclosures

Rose Bopla introduces their Polycarbonate IP66 rated enclosures that offer excellent security and protection for your electronic components and are offered in a wide range of sizes to support a broad array of applications.

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Image of Rose's Aluminum Aluform Type 04 Enclosures

Rose Type 04 Enclosures

Low-profile die cast aluminum enclosures from Rose is designed specifically for rugged electronic instrumentation applications.

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Image of Rose's Rose Pilot 110-150 Mobile Control Units

Rose Pilot 110-150 Mobile Control Units

Rose offers the ideal mounting capabilities for membrane keypads or electromechanical components with the 110-150 series.

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Image of Rose Bopla's Bocube Series

Bocube Series Enclosures

Rose Bopla's Bocube series enclosures are equipped with patented dual hinged quick-release catch technology and are available in 19 different sizes in 114 standard configurations.

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Image of Rose Bopla's Rose Fiberglass Watertight 02

Fiberglass Watertight 02 Enclosures

Rose Bopla's watertight, strong, and rugged enclosures are capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions and harsh environments without deterioration.

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Ex polyester enclosure

Ex Polyester Enclosure

Duration: 5 minutes

This tutorial will review the features and available enclosure sizes from Rose Bopla, as well as the typical applications for the Ex series enclosures.

Stainless Steel Enclosure

Stainless Steel Enclosures

Duration: 5 minutes

Rose Bopla offers a higher grade 316 stainless steel for added corrosion protection.

Box Fiber 3.15x2.95x2.22" Gray

Fiberglass 02 Enclosures

Duration: 5 minutes

Glass filled polyester enclosures with captive stainless steel lid screws and a permanently installed polyurethane gasket or removable neoprene gasket.

Various Enclosures from ROSE

Streamline Enclosures Introduction

Duration: 5 minutes

Ergonomic enclosures for portable hand-held devices. The half shells can be assembled allowing it to be adapted to meet individual requirements.

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Protecting Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Locations

Protecting Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Locations

Bopla Product Highlight - Intertego

Bopla Filotec Extrusion enclosures combine the custom sizing advantages of aluminum profiles with cost effective aluminum plate end lids to create a system utilized for a broad range of electronic applications.

Phoenix Mecano Enclosure Customization Services

From assembly, machining and engraving to painting, surface treatments and more, we do it all in-house, which means fewer suppliers and fewer delays. The net result is that we can usually ship your finished solution to meet your project timeline.

Bopla Product Highlight- Bocube

Unique, innovative and versatile, our Bopla Bocube unlocks a new level of enclosure performance and longevity.

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