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Pericom Semiconductor Corp.

- Pericom Semiconductor, now a part of Diodes Incorporated, enables serial connectivity with complete solutions for computing, communications and consumer market segments. Pericom’s integrated circuits (IC) and frequency control products (FCP) provide the connectivity, timing, switching, bridging and signal conditioning of high-speed signals required by today's electronic applications. Pericom products include clock ICs, signal integrity interface and logic modules, LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling Technology) devices, and a variety of switches that enable serial connectivity.

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Image of Pericom's PI3EQX1002B, 1-Port, USB 3.1 GEN-2 ReDriver™

PI3EQX1002B, 1-Port, USB 3.1 GEN-2 ReDriver™

Pericom's PI3EQX1002B, 1-Port USB3.1 GEN-2 ReDriver is designed for applications that include notebooks, PC monitors, smart phones, and tablet PCs.

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Image of Pericom ASSP Wi-Fi Crystals and Oscillators

ASSP Wi-Fi Crystals and Oscillators

Pericom (a product line of Diodes Incorporated) provides a large portfolio of standard crystals and oscillators for your many design requirements.

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Image of Pericom's PI3EQX1204-C SAS3 Linear ReDriver

PI3EQX1204-C SAS3 Linear ReDriver™

Pericom Semiconductor’s PI3EQX1204-C is a SAS3, 4 differential channels ReDriver.

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Image of Pericom's PI3EQX8904 Linear PCIe ReDriver™

PI3EQX8904 Linear PCIe ReDriver™

Pericom Semiconductor’s PI3EQX8904 provides programmable linear equalization, output swing and gain, by either pin strapping option or I²C control.

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Image of Pericom's PI3DPX1203 DisplayPort Linear Redriver

PI3DPX1203 DisplayPort Linear ReDriver™

Pericom Semiconductor’s PI3DPX1203 is DisplayPort compliant, 8Gbps link speed, single differential channel Linear ReDriver with Link Training transparent mode.

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Image of Pericom's PI4ULS3V502 Bi-Directional Level Translator

PI4ULS3V502 Bidirectional Level Translator

Pericom's PI4ULS3V502 is a 2-bit configurable dual supply auto sensing bidirectional level translator that does not require a direction control pin.

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Product Training Modules View All (8)

Pericom Timing Tree

Timing Solutions

Duration: 5 minutes

Diodes Incorporated has a full portfolio of frequency control products.

Switch Basics

USB Switch

Duration: 10 minutes

Pericom offers a broad portfolio of USB switches specifically designed to enable a range of applications to achieve single port connectivity.


PCIe and USB3 ReDriver/Repeater

Duration: 10 minutes

ReDrivers can allow use of thinner/smaller gauge cables, since the signals are actively boosted prior to the cable connector.


PCIe UART Solutions

Duration: 5 minutes

The industry's most integrated and highest performing PCIe URAT endpoint solution, provide an upward migration path while reducing board space and BOM costs.

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Pericom USB 3.0 ReDriver Performance

This is a video showing the performance of the Pericom USB 3.0 ReDriver.

Pericom 40GbE timing Solution

This is a video showing the performance of Pericom's UX series clock buffers to help with phase jitter in a 40GbE signal.

Pericom Video Switch and Signal Integrity Solution

Pericom provides a complete solution of video signal path in Notebook and Docking Station designs with Video Switch and ReDrivers. Pericom's Video Switch enables switching between DisplayPort and HDMI ports.

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