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Parallax, Inc.

- Parallax, Inc. manufactures microcontrollers and microcontroller development tools. LCDs, AppKits and other related products are also available. Parallax, Inc. produces BASIC Stamp® single-board computers as well as development tools for PIC12/16Cxx® microcontrollers.

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Image of Parallax Inc's Wide-Angle PIR Sensor

Parallax Wide-Angle PIR Sensor

Parallax's wide-angle PIR sensor features a larger detection angle of 180°.

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Image of Parallax Inc Propeller Board of Education

Propeller™ Board of Education

Parallax's Propeller™ Board of Education is ideal for learning the basics of electronics, programming, and robotics.

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Image of Parallax Inc's Spinneret Web Server

Spinneret Web Server

The Spinneret Web Server from Parallax may be small at less than 1½" by 4", but it is a feature packed development platform.

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Image of Parallax Inc's XBee RF Modules Kit

XBee RF Modules Kit

Parallax XBee modules provide an incredibly versatile RF communication solution for BASIC Stamp and Propeller microcontroller projects and this kit helps you get started.

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