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- Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America is the industrial components and electronic devices division of Panasonic Corporation of North America. Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America provides key components that power the home appliances, consumer electronics, computers, communications, and commercial and healthcare products used by millions of people each day. Our wide offering of high-quality industrial products, global manufacturing, and advanced research and development facilities as well as our commitment to customer service make us a preferred vendor to the world's most famous original equipment manufacturers of high-tech electronic products. From the smallest resistor to the highest technology wireless communications modules, Panasonic offers it all! Choosing Panasonic means more than selecting a name you know and trust. It means choosing the best quality components the industry can offer.

EVOLTA AA and AAA Batteries

Image of Panasonic's EVOLTA AA and AAA Batteries

EVOLTA is Panasonic's latest battery creation. It is the company's 4th generation battery and is powerful in all drain devices. Learn More

Hot New Technologies from Panasonic!

Image of Panasonic's Hot New Technologies

Check out Panasonic’s newest products, available for immediate shipment! Learn More

PM Micro Photoelectric Sensors

Image of Panasonic's PM Micro Photoelectric Sensors

Panasonics' ultra-small PM series of u-shaped photoelectric sensors provides a wide range of 29 different models to suit any of your application needs. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Panasonic's DW-H High Inrush Lighting Relay

DW-H High Inrush Lighting Relay

The new DW-H relay from Panasonic switches power surges of up to 100 A for a period of 5 ms reliably and nominal switching capacities of up to 16 A/277 VAC. It ideally complements the portfolio of existing bistable power relays by Panasonic. Learn More

Image of Panasonic's Lithium Rechargeable Coin Batteries

Lithium Rechargeable Coin Batteries

Panasonic Vanadium Lithium rechargeable batteries are compact, high energy secondary batteries that have nearly twice the energy of conventional button-shaped Ni-Cd batteries. Learn More

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Image of Panasonic Electronic Components' GT707 Touch Terminal

GT707 Touch Terminal

Panasonic Electronic Components introduces their GT707 wide screen HMI display touch terminal with a 7-inch touch panel which fits into the panel cut-out of a 5.7 inch touch panel.

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Image of Panasonic Compact Safety Light Curtain

Compact Safety Light Curtain

Panasonic offers a wide variety of machine safety products including light curtains, which incorporate a large multi-purpose indicator (orange) positioned around workers’ eye level.

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Image of Panasonic's PM-25, PM-45, and  PM-65 Series Sensors

PM-25, PM-45, and PM-65 Series Sensors

Panasonic introduces their U-shaped micro photoelectric sensors. One step ahead in performance and mounting ease.

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Image of Panasonic's Clear Tubing Bubble and Liquid Level Sensors

Clear Tubing Bubble and Liquid Level Sensors

Panasonic’s bubble and liquid level sensors are designed to detect the presence of liquid in a clear tubing or can be used to detect bubbles in liquid.

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Image of Panasonic FKS-V Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

FKS-V Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Panasonic introduces the next generation of aluminum electrolytic capacitor technology. The FKS-V series is a revolution in size and performance

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Image of Panasonic's Lithium Primary Coin Cell Batteries

Lithium Primary Coin Cell Batteries

Panasonic's coin type lithium batteries are available in two types: poly-carbon monofluoride lithium batteries and manganese dioxide lithium batteries.

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Tools & Support

Image of Panasonic's Capacitors Line Card Catalog

Capacitors Line Card Catalog

Panasonic capacitors redefine quality and performance, from industry leading polymer capacitors to film capacitors with failsafe metallization technology.  As one of the leading capacitor manufacturers, our vast selection of capacitors are an integral part of Panasonic's passive components catalog, which proves to be an invaluable resource to modern design engineers everywhere. Learn More

Image of Panasonic's Electromechanical Line Card Catalog

Electromechanical Line Card Catalog

Used in everyday devices, Panasonic’s electromechanical components offer a special touch to our customer’s applications. Designed for durability and reliability, discover the vast product line-up that Panasonic has to offer including switches, encoders, potentiometers and transparent touch panels. Learn More

Image of Panasonic's Resistors Line Card Catalog

Resistors Line Card Catalog

Panasonic offers a broad line of Resistors that include Fixed, Power, Low Power, Fuse, Potentiometers, Trimmers, EMI Filters, and Arrays and Networks for all applications. Learn More

Image of Panasonic's Relays Line Card Catalog

Relays Line Card Catalog

Panasonic offers a wide variety of Relays including Power, PhotoMOS, Signal, Solid State, Automotive, and High Frequency. Learn More

Image of Panasonic's Inductors Line Card Catalog

Inductors Line Card Catalog

Panasonic Inductive Products include high performance Chip Inductors, in laser-cut or wire-wound technologies. Panasonic also offers a broad range of SMD and Leaded Choke Coils, as well as Filters for EMI, Noise / ESD, a broad range of AC Leaded Line Filters as well as Voltage Step-up Coils. Learn More

Image of Panasonic's Wireless Connectivity Line Card Catalog

Wireless Connectivity Line Card Catalog

Panasonic Wireless Connectivity solutions encompass a wide range of technologies, with a focus on helping design engineers increase their product’s speed-to-market. The Panasonic product portfolio covers all of today’s latest communication protocols with ready-to-use modules for Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Smart®, and Wi-Fi. Learn More

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Industrial NAND flash memory type SD

Industrial SD

Duration: 5 minutes

Product portfolio is idea for industrial applications where severe usage occurs, such as automotive, avionics, security cameras, and factory automation.

IC Regulator Buck Sync Adj 1.2A 9WLCSP

AN3018xA Series DC-DC Step-Down Regulators

Duration: 10 minutes

This series uses hysteretic control, allowing a high speed response and also solves voltage rippling problems associated with hysteretic control.

Zener Diode Dual 6.2V Mini 3

Zener Diodes

Duration: 15 minutes

Discuss surge voltage protection and power line over voltage prodection of the Zener diode product line.

Grid-EYE Sensor 3.3V Low Gain


Duration: 5 minutes

The advantages of using an infrared array sensor, using MEMS technology, in a compact surface mount design.

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Panasonic PGS Demo

PGS (Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet) is a thermal interface material which is very thin, synthetically made, has high thermal conductivity, and is made from a highly oriented graphite polymer film.

Wearable Components Solutions

Design your next wearable device with Panasonic! Panasonic offers a solution-based approach by providing a wide variety of electronic components that are perfect for wearable technology.

PAN1740 Quick Start

The PAN1740 Series is Panasonic’s next generation “nanopower” Bluetooth Low Energy module with reduced form factor, significantly lower power consumption, embedded BLE stack and profile.

Ultra-minute Photoelectric Sensor EX-Z - Panasonic

The world's #1 in compactness among photoelectric sensors with built-in amplifier, as of June 2015 (Panasonic Survey). Unit volume ratio reduced by 50%, as compared to EX-10 series. Small-object sensing capability and a wide range of applications.