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Packet Digital

- Packet Digital designs, develops and markets advanced power management integrated circuits for portable electronic devices. By taking a real-time systems approach to power management, Packet Digital developed PowerSage®, a product family of intelligent integrated circuits that monitors an entire system and distributes power only when needed by using dynamic frequency and voltage scaling. Through this innovative approach, PowerSage components have extended battery life up to 400% in wireless sensors and greater than 25% on complex handset designs.


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NAS Server Video Demonstration

This video shows the power useage savings of PowerSage technology using the PSG5220 to run a software application in a NAS file server.

WiFi Video Demonstration

To demonstrate the power savings using the PSG5220 for the WiFi device on a HP Elitebook power circuit.

Intel FFVS Demo

This video shows the power savings in DDR3 memory modules using the PowerSage technology PSG5220.

Battery life extension in a Philips DVD Player

40 minutes of battery life extension in a Philips PD9000 DVD Player after integrating Packet Digital's PowerSage technology.

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