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NVE Corporation

- NVE is an electronics component manufacturer specializing in the combination of magnetically-sensitive materials with integrated circuits. This new solid-state magnetic technology is characterized by high sensitivity to magnetic fields coupled with small size and low power. NVE has applied these technologies to magnetic sensors, isolators and Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM). These components often outperform existing devices, providing both cost-effective and performance-enhanced solutions to sensing and data transmission applications. NVE is ISO 9001 certified.


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Image of NVE Corporation's Wide-Body SOIC-16 Isolators

Wide-Body SOIC-16 Isolators

Available in a variety of input, output, and channel configurations, these isolators offer a full eight millimeter external creepage distance.

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AA Series Analog Sensors

AA Series Analog Sensors

AA analog GMR and TMR sensors have high sensitivity, excellent temperature stability, low power consumption, and small size. Learn more at

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NVE Corporation's Isolated High-Speed CAN Transceiver

Isolated High-Speed CAN Transceiver

NVE Corporation's IL41050 is a galvanically isolated, high-speed CAN (Controller Area Network) transceiver, designed as the interface between the CAN protocol controller and the physical bus. Order now at DigiKey.

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IsoLoop Isolator

IsoLoop® Isolator

Duration: 10 minutes

The Isoloop isolator provides fast data transmission while blocking high voltage transients in circuits.

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Sensing Current Through a Circuit Board Trace

We demonstrate the response of NVE analog GMR sensors to measure current over a circuit board trace.

Water Meter Flow Sensors

AAT-Series high-output Tunneling Magnetoresistors (TMR) angle sensors are ideal smart water meter sensors. We "turn" to Jayne to demonstrate the parts in water meter flow sensing applications.

Isolator High-Voltage Standards Summary

Jamie summarizes key isolator high-voltage standards, including UL 1577, IEC 61010, IEC 60747, VDE 0884, and IEC 60601. NVE isolators have best-in-class high-voltage metrics, including 100 teraohm barrier resistance and 44000-year barrier life.

Monolithic Isolator Die Demonstration

NVE makes the world’s only monolithic isolators. We demonstrate with tests on a single die.

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