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Noritake Co., Inc.

- Noritake Co., Inc. manufactures a full line of vacuum fluorescent display modules in both dot matrix and graphic formats. Most popular items are stocked in the U.S. for immediate delivery, including a new series of drop-in-replacements for LCD modules. Noritake started business in 1904 and in 1967, Dr. Tadashi Nakamura invented the VFD. Today Noritake offers industry the most advanced VFD technology. ISO 9001 Certified.

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Image of Noritake's TKU016CT-A100 FLETAS® Capacitive Touch Switch 4 x 4 Keypad Module

TKU016CT-A100 FLETAS® Capacitive Touch Switch 4 x 4 Keypad Module

Noritake's TKU016CT-A100 semi-custom touch switch module are ideal for use in food-processing, laboratory, and manufacturing equipment.

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Y Series Modules

Y Series Modules

Noritake's Y Series offers modules with the same PCB size as a 20x2, but with 24 characters by 4 lines. Each character has 8 levels of brightness.

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VFD Module viewing angle comparison

VFD module shows off its wide viewing angle against LCD

24x6 VFD module vs 20x4 LCD

Similar size as 20x4 LCD with 144 characters, that's more than both 16x2 and 20x2 LCD put together. This VFD module is perfect for displaying detail information.

VFD Module Display response comparison

VFD module shows off its display response against LCD.

22x4 char. in 16x2 LCD footprint

88 characters in 16x2 LCD footprint, perfect for use in limited space and requiring to display detail information.

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