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Nordic Semiconductor

- Nordic Semiconductor is at the forefront of this wireless revolution having single-handedly pioneered the ULP wireless sector during the 1990s. Today, due in large part to Nordic's persistent efforts to continually develop, enhance and expand the reach of ULP wireless, a version of ULP wireless connectivity called Bluetooth low energy has now been adopted by the open standards group behind Bluetooth wireless technology: the Bluetooth SIG. As such, Bluetooth low energy will shortly appear alongside classic Bluetooth in almost every new cell phone and Bluetooth-enabled device.

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Image of SparkFun's Arduino compatible nRF52832 Breakout Board

Arduino Compatible nRF52832 Breakout Board

SparkFun's nRF52832 breakout provides easy access to all of the chip's features. It breaks out all of the nRF52's I/O pins, provides a 32.768 kHz RTC crystal, a user-programmable button and LED, and a trace antenna to send and receive those 2.4 GHz transmissions.

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Image of Nordic Semiconductor's NRF52 Development Kit

nRF52 Development Kit

Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52 Preview Development Kit is a stand-alone development board for Bluetooth Smart, ANT, or 2.4 GHz proprietary applications.

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Image of Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51822 Bluetooth Smart Beacon Kit

nRF51822 Bluetooth Smart Beacon Kit

Explore the full range of development possibilities for beacons using the nRF51822 Bluetooth® Smart Beacon Kit.

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