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Murata Electronics

- Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic materials, leading edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules. Murata innovations can be found in a wide range of applications from mobile phones to home appliances, and automotive applications to energy management systems and healthcare devices.

FDxx Series Inductors

Image of Murata Electronics' Toko FDxx Series Inductors

Murata's FDxx series features innovative metal-alloy inductor construction in an SMD package, which enables vastly improved performance over traditional ferrite-based construction inductors. Learn More

IMP003 Wi-Fi Enabled Module

Image of Murata's IMP003 WiFi Enabled Module

Based on Murata’s strategic relationship with Electric Imp, the next generation Murata type 1CD – IMP003 Wi-Fi enabled connectivity module solution is now available. Learn More

Ultra-Compact, Light-Weight, and Low-Power SMD Piezoelectric Sounder

Image of Murata Electronics' Ultra-Compact, Light-Weight, and Low-Power SMD Piezoelectric Sounder

Murata now is offering the smallest and lightest surface-mount piezoelectric sounder available. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Murata Electronics' Ultra-Compact Crystal Unit for Automotive Applications

Ultra-Compact Crystal Unit for Automotive Applications

Murata has announced line-up additions to its XRC family of hybrid crystal timing devices specifically for automotive applications. Learn More

LXES Series ESD Protection Devices

LXES Series ESD Protection Devices

Murata's LXES series of ceramic and silicon based ESD protection devices feature high suppression levels, high repetition durability, and ultra-low capacitance for use in high speed data transmission environments Learn More

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Image of Murata Electronics Wireless Development Kit for i.MX6 Platform

Wireless Development Kit for i.MX6 Platform

Murata's wireless development kit is designed to work with NXP iMX6 platforms. The kit consists of Murata EVB of type specified below.

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Image of Murata Electronics Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Modules

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Modules

Murata has partnered with NXP Semiconductor to offer Murata wireless module kits that interface with the NXP i.MX 6 reference platforms making a complete Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity environment for building world class Internet-connected products.

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Image of Murata Electronics' BLM-SN Series Magnetics

BLM-SN Series Magnetics

Murata introduces their new BLM-SN series high rated current ferrite beads that are ideal for power supply circuits that require high rated current above 6 amps.

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Image of Murata Electronics' LQP03TN-TG Series RF Chip Inductor

LQP03TN/TG Series Chip Inductors

Murata introduces their LQP03TN/TG series of high frequency film type RF inductors that have the advantage of tight tolerance and high Q value in a small case size.

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Image of Murata Electronics' Sample Kits

Sample Kits

Murata Electronics introduces nine new magnetics design engineering evaluation kits suitable for prototyping new equipment layout requirements for automotive and industrial applications.

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Image of Murata's 220 mF Model of Supercapacitor DMT Series

220 mF Model of the Supercapacitor DMT Series

Murata’s two series of supercapacitors (EDLCs), which are the DMT series and the DMF series, feature the lowest levels of ESR throughout the industry.

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High Capacitance (Hi-Cap) MLCC

High Capacitance Hi-Cap MLCC

Duration: 10 minutes

HI-Cap MLCCs are most commonly used in circuits for decoupling and smoothing.


BNX02 Series of EMI Filters

Duration: 5 minutes

BNX02 series incorporates circuit configuration combining capacitors and ferrite beads to achieve bandwidth and attenuation characteristics for effective noise suppression.

suppression filter

NFZ-B Series of EMI Suppression Filters

Duration: 5 minutes

NFZ-B series of EMI suppression filters meets the growing demand for devices with higher attenuation characteristics at frequencies under 100 MHz


Chip RF Inductors

Duration: 15 minutes

Overview of the families of chip RF inductors offered by Murata.

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Murata's 220 mF Supercapacitor DMT Series | Digi-Key Daily

Murata's 220 mF DMT series supercapacitors have the industy's lowest resistance levels. In addition, they feature a 300 milliohm resistance, thickness of only 2.2 mm, and a wide operating temperature range.

Murata Inductor Product Overview | Digi-Key Daily

Digi-Key Daily previews Murata's Inductors. Murata's Inductors are magnetically shielded and have a low DC resistance making them ideal for applications needing DC to DC conversion as well as other applications with high current and high frequency.

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