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- For over a decade, Melexis has been designing and manufacturing products for the automotive sector, for which it offers a multitude of sensor ICs, ASSPs and ASICs. Melexis devices reliably live up to the highest standards of quality required in a demanding automotive environment.

Melexis operates in business units each covering a product line. The corporate headquarters is located in Belgium. R&D centers are in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Probe and test facilities are in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the US. Application Engineering is located mainly in the US, Germany and France. Corporate marketing & sales is in the US headquarters.

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Image of Melexis' Micro/Mini LIN RGB Slave Controller

Micro/Mini, LIN, RGB Slave Controller For Up To Four LEDs

Melexis’ MLX8110x LIN RGB slave provides a single-chip solution for driving up to four LEDs via constant current sources in automotive ambient lighting applications.

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Image of Melexis' MLX80050/51/30/31 Enhanced LIN

MLX80050/51/30/31 Enhanced LIN System Basis IC

Melexis' MLX8005x/3x consist of a low-drop voltage regulator 5 V/3.3 V/70 mA combined with a reset/watchdog unit and a LIN bus transceiver.

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Image of Melexis' MLX80020 LIN

MLX80020, LIN Transceiver for LIN 2.x Standard

The Melexis MLX80020BA transceiver is a physical layer device for a single wire data link capable of operating in applications using baud rates of 19.2 kBd.

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Image of Melexis' MLX90363 Triaxis Programmable Position Sensor IC

MLX90363 Triaxis® Programmable Position Sensor IC Featuring SPI

Melexis introduces their MLX90363 triaxis programmable position sensor IC featuring SPI for a wide range of sensing applications

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Image of Melexis' MLX90621 16 x 4 Pixel Thermal Imager

MLX90621 16 x 4 Pixel Thermal Imager

Melexis' MLX90621 InfraRed array delivers a significantly expanded field of view at 30° x 120° and a 4x faster measurement speed.

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Image of Melexis' MLX92242/MLX92241 and MLX 92221 2-Wire Sensor

MLX92242/MLX92241 and MLX92221 2-Wire Sensors

Melexis presents a package option, featuring an integrated decoupling capacitor, for its existing 2-wire Hall effect switch and latch sensor ICs.

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Melexis Corporate Video

Melexis Corporate Video

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