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- The market is evolving. The rules are changing. To keep your time to market short, you need integration at every level—from silicon to the supply chain.

Count on Maxim Integrated to help you overcome design and architectural challenges, with integrated solutions for the industrial, medical, consumer, automotive, energy, computing, and communications realms.


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Image of Maxim Integrated's Medical Solutions

Five solution pages that provides an overview and block diagrams of Maxim’s broad offering of analog, communications, and application specific IC’s. Learn More


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Maxim’s featured products on medical, industrial, communications, consumer, motor control and sensing applications. Learn More

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Smart Grid Solutions

Smart Grid Solutions - Utilities need a standards-based communications platform capable of supporting a variety of new services, from automatic meter reading (AMR) to load shedding and demand-side management (DSM). Learn More

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The Medical Solution Provider

The Medical Solution Provider -Providing solutions that add value to their customers' systems has been Maxim Integrated's mission.  Maxim is your go-to for value-added solutions of your next design of medical products. Learn More

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Image of Maxim Integrated's IO-Link™ Devices

IO-Link™ Devices

Maxim Integrated’s complete portfolio of IO-link devices integrate value-adding features to provide design flexibility and offload the local processor.

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Image of Maxim Integrated's MAXM1750x Power Module

MAXM1750x Power Module

Maxim's MAXM1750x family of 4.5 V to 60 V, 1.7 A to 3.5 A, high-efficiency, DC-DC step-down power module with integrated inductor enables ease of design and a small-solution footprint

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Image of Maxim Integrated's MAXM1751x Power Module

MAXM1751x Power Module

Maxim's MAXM1751x family of 2.4 V to 5.5 V, 4-6 A, high-efficiency power module enables ease of design and a small-solution footprint

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Image of Maxim Integrated's MAXM1754x Power Module

MAXM1754x Power Module

Maxim's MAXM1754x family of 4.5 V to 42 V, 1.7 A to 3.5 A, High-Efficiency, DC-DC Step-Down Power Module with Integrated Inductor

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Image of Maxim Integrated's MAX14870 DC Motor Driver

MAX14870 DC Motor Driver

Maxim’s MAX14870 compact 4.5 V to 36 V full-bridge DC motor drivers provide a small, low-power, and simple solution for driving and controlling brushed DC motors and relays

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Image of Maxim Integrated's MAX11168 16 Bit ADC

MAX11168 16-Bit ADC

Maxim Integrated's MAX11168 is a 16-bit, 500ksps, SAR ADC offering excellent AC and DC performance with true bipolar input range, internal reference, and small size.

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MAX16840 LED Driver

Duration: 10 minutes

Grasp the design challenges of MR16 bulb design and how the MAX16840 solves these challenges.


MAX14900E Digital Output Driver

Duration: 5 minutes

With Maxim’s MAX14900E, a 16-channel DO module design can be realized in a fairly small form factor with many benefits.


MAX31856 Precision Thermocouple to Digital Converter with Linearization

Duration: 10 minutes

MAX31856 offers support for several thermocouple types, reducing time to market in applications that utilize multiple types.


MAX6070 and MAX6071 Low-Noise High-Precision Series Voltage Reference

Duration: 5 minutes

Introduction to Maxim’s Low-Noise, High-Precision Series Voltage References, MAX6070/MAX6071.

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Detecting and Diagnosing Grid Faults with Fewer False Triggers

Utilities lose $79 billion annually to power outages. Our high speed, high accuracy, high sampling rate ADCs can help utilities detect, diagnose, and locate faults and restore power quickly.

In the Lab: IO-Link Smart Sensor System Demo

See how easy it is to get an IO-Link smart sensor system up and running with live data monitoring.

What is IO-Link?

Discover the benefits of the IO-Link smart sensor and actuator interface protocol. IO-Link is the new standard developed by an international consortium of hardware and software providers.

Eliminate Flicker for MR16 LED Lighting

Designing circuits for MR16 LED lighting has two big challenges: dimming the lamp without flicker, and compatibility with electronic low-voltage transformer transformers (ELVT).