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Maxim Integrated

- The market is evolving. The rules are changing. To keep your time to market short, you need integration at every level—from silicon to the supply chain.

Count on Maxim Integrated to help you overcome design and architectural challenges, with integrated solutions for the industrial, medical, consumer, automotive, energy, computing, and communications realms.


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Image of Maxim Integrated's Medical Solutions

Five solution pages that provides an overview and block diagrams of Maxim’s broad offering of analog, communications, and application specific IC’s. Learn More


Image of Maxim Integrated's Applications

Maxim’s featured products on medical, industrial, communications, consumer, motor control and sensing applications. Learn More

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Featured Products

Maxim Smart Grid Thumbnail

Smart Grid Solutions

Smart Grid Solutions - Utilities need a standards-based communications platform capable of supporting a variety of new services, from automatic meter reading (AMR) to load shedding and demand-side management (DSM). Learn More

Image of Maxim Integrated's Medical Solutions

The Medical Solution Provider

The Medical Solution Provider -Providing solutions that add value to their customers' systems has been Maxim Integrated's mission.  Maxim is your go-to for value-added solutions of your next design of medical products. Learn More

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Image of Maxim MAX32600MBED#  Wellness Measurement Microcontroller

MAX32600MBED# Wellness Measurement Microcontroller

Maxim's MAX32600 is a low-power, mixed-signal microcontroller with a variety of applications, including integration in wearable medical devices.

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Image of  Maxim Optical Sensors

Optical Sensors

Maxim provides leading-edge technology and reliable sensing with their ambient light, proximity, and body-wearable sensors.

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Image of Maxim's MAX77596  24V, 300mA, Buck Converter

MAX77596 24 V, 300 mA Buck Converter with 1.1 μA IQ

Maxim's MAX77596 unique combination of wide VIN range, low-IQ, high-duty cycle, and small solution size make it ideal for portable devices, USB Type-C devices, and Point-of-Load applications.

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Image of Maxim Integrated MAXREFDES82# Smart Force Sensor

MAXREFDES82# Smart Force Sensor

Maxim Integrated’s MAXREFDES82# features a next generation of intelligent, industrial, smart force sensor. The design measures mass as well as the center of mass of the object on it.

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Image of Maxim's MAX14827 IO-Link Device Transceiver

MAX14827 IO-Link Device Transceiver

Maxim's IO-link sensors enable this revolution by bringing intelligence and control down to the factory floor.

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Image of Maxim Integrated's MAXREFDES73# Wearable Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) System

MAXREFDES73# Wearable Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) System

Maxim’s MAXREFDES73# reference design is a wearable, mobile galvanic skin response (GSR) system featuring the MAX32600 wellness measurement microcontroller.

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Himalaya Power Module

Duration: 10 minutes

An overview of the Himalaya Power Modules from Maxim Integrated


MAX16840 LED Driver

Duration: 10 minutes

Grasp the design challenges of MR16 bulb design and how the MAX16840 solves these challenges.


MAX14900E Digital Output Driver

Duration: 5 minutes

With Maxim’s MAX14900E, a 16-channel DO module design can be realized in a fairly small form factor with many benefits.


MAX31856 Precision Thermocouple to Digital Converter with Linearization

Duration: 10 minutes

MAX31856 offers support for several thermocouple types, reducing time to market in applications that utilize multiple types.

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Maxim MAXREFDES82 | Digi-Key Daily

Maxim's MAXREFDES82 reference design that incorporates the next generation of smart sensors. Four integrated load cells are highly precise and are able to measure up to 570 g and calculate center of mass.

RF Power Amplifier Linearization Technology

Our break-through RF Power Amplifier Linearization (RFPAL) technology significantly improves efficiency, lowers cost and simplifies design for cellular networking applications.

Wearable Galvanic Skin Response System

Are you developing a wearable device? Galvanic skin response (GSR), or skin impedance, adds another dimension to health monitoring that is not captured by accelerometers and heart rate monitors.

Digital Input Class D Amplifiers Eliminate GSM Buzz

Our next generation digital input, Class D audio amplifiers provide the highest performance with superior noise immunity while simplifying design. These plug and play speaker amplifiers significantly reduce the number of components required compared