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MACOM Technology Solutions

- M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. ( is a leading supplier of high-performance analog RF, microwave, millimeterwave and photonic semiconductor products that enable next-generation internet and modern battlefield applications. Recognized for its broad catalog portfolio of technologies and products, MACOM serves diverse markets, including high speed optical, satellite, radar, wired and wireless networks, automotive, industrial, medical, and mobile devices. A pillar of the semiconductor industry, we thrive on more than 60 years of solving our customers' most complex problems, serving as a true partner for applications ranging from RF to Light.


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Image of Macom Technology Wired Broadband Amplifiers

Wired Broadband Amplifiers

The MACOM MAAM-011220 is an 18.5 dB gain, high linearity, low-noise-figure gain block operating from 45 MHz to 1218 MHz.

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Image of MACOM's High-Power PIN Diode

MADP-011029-14150T, 50 MHz to 12 GHz, High-Power PIN Diode

MACOM’s high-power PIN diode, MADP-011029, comes in a lead-free, 1.5 mm x 1.2 mm, 6-lead, DFN, surface-mount, plastic package

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Image of MACOM's MAAV-011013 VVA

MAAV-011013 Voltage Variable Attenuator

MACOM's MAAV-011013 voltage variable attenuator is ideal in designs which require a large dynamic range.

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Image of MACOM's MAAP-011232, 1 W Driver Amplifier with VG Enable

MAAP-011232, 1 W Driver Amplifier with VG Enable

MACOM's MAAP-011232 amplifier is suited for a broad range of applications that include land mobile radio systems, military communications, sensors, and telemetry.

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Image of MACOM's Broad Portfolio of Diodes and Switches

Broad Portfolio of Diodes and Switches

MACOM offers its HMIC switches and SURMOUNT™ devices sample kit and discrete PIN diodes and limiters sample kit for industrial, and medical applications.

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Image of MACOM's HMIC™ Silicon PIN Diode Switches

HMIC™ Silicon PIN Diode Switches

Covering the 0.05 GHz to 20 GHz frequency range, MACOM's SPDT MASW-002103-1363, SP3T MASW-003103-1364, and SP4T MASW-004103-1365 are usable up to 26 GHz.

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Product Training Modules View All (5)

Ka-Band Chipset

Ka-Band High Linearity Power Amplifiers

Duration: 5 minutes

An introduction to the latest additions to MACOM’s power amplifier portfolio.


Family of High Power Limiters

Duration: 10 minutes

MACOM introduces power limiters that provide solutions for receiver protection circuits in high power radar applications.


Family of Mixers Overview

Duration: 5 minutes

This tutorial will give an introduction to MACOM’s mixer family, the target market and packaging before taking a closer look at the features and benefits of each discrete mixer.


Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit Products

Duration: 5 minutes

A microwave and mW integrated circuit that can create three dimensional structures based on a marriage of silicon and glass at a waferscale level.

Featured Videos View All (6)

MAMX-011009 Mixer Product Video

Listen to expert Amer Droubi - Product Manager at MACOM ---about 14GHz -32GHz Sub-Harmonic Pumped Mixer This mixer is ideal for cost sensitive applications like Ka band VSAT (29GHz -- 30GHz) BUC, 24GHz ISM and 802.11 based systems.

Industry Leading GaN Portfolio

Leveraging deep experience in RF, MACOM is expanding its power transistor family to fuel the future of military and commercial radar.

MASL 011023 Product Overview from Macom

Listen to expert Paul Beasly -- Product Manager for Radar Products -- about MACOM's S-Band Switch Limiter. This packaged device offers a high level of integration and high power handling making it ideally suited to Radar applications.

MAAP 011027 Product Overview from Macom

Listen to expert Paul Beasly -- Product Manager for Radar Products -- about MACOM's 5.2-5.9 GHz 8W Power Amplifier. This PQFN packaged GaAs power amplifier offers high gain and power with cost effective SMT assembly techniques.