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- Littelfuse (NASDAQ: LFUS) - As the worldwide leader in circuit protection, Littelfuse offers POWR-GARD®, Teccor®, Wickmann®, Pudenz®, Hamlin®, PulseGuard®, SIDACtor®, PolySwitch, 2Pro and PolyZen branded products, with a wide range of technologies such as Fuses and Accessories, PTCs (PolySwitch), GDTs, Varistors, Polymer ESD Suppressors, Surge Protection Modules, TVS Diodes, TVS Diode Arrays (SPA® Diodes), Switching Thyristors, Power Modules, LED Protector, SIDACtor® Protection Thyristor as well as reed switches, relays and Hall Effect sensors. Littelfuse products are backed by more than 88 years of technology innovation, industry leading technical support, design and manufacturing expertise. Littelfuse products are vital components in virtually every product that uses electrical energy, including automobiles, computers, consumer electronics, handheld devices, industrial equipment, and telecom/datacom circuits.

TVS Diodes

TVS Diodes

Littelfuse TVS diodes are used to protect semiconductor components from high-voltage transients. Learn More

SPA® Family of TVS Diode Arrays

SPA Family of TVS Diodes

Littelfuse SPA family of TVS diode array devices are designed to protect electronics from very fast and often damaging voltage transients. Learn More

Magnetic Sensors and Reed Switches

Sensor Thumbnail

Littelfuse's selection of magnetic sensors includes reed switches, reed sensors, Hall Effect sensors, and reed relays, as well as bare and packaged magnetic actuators. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Littelfuse's LSP Series LED Thermally Protected Surge Protective Device

LSP Series LED Thermally Protected Surge Protective Device

The LSP05 and LSP10 Surge Protection Modules from Littelfuse provide transient overvoltage protection for outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures. Learn More

Image of Littelfuse's MG Series IGBT Power Modules

MG Series IGBT Power Semiconductor Modules

An expanded offering of IGBT module power semiconductor products for motor control and inverter applications is now available from Littelfuse. Learn More

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Image of Littelfuse's SP1050 Series TVS Diode Array

TVS Diode Array for POE PSE Protection SP1050 Series

Littelfuse offers their space saving SP1050 series TVS diode array for POE PSE based systems with protection against threats such as lightning induced surges, electrical fast transients, and electrostatic discharges.

Learn More
Image of Littelfuse TVS Diode Arrays Prevent ESD Damage 0201 Size SP1026 Series

TVS Diode Arrays Prevent ESD Damage 0201 Size SP1026 Series

The SP1026 series TVS diode array from Littelfuse protects sensitive electronic equipment from damage due to electrostatic discharges (ESD). Zener diodes fabricated using a proprietary silicon avalanche technology protect each I/O pin to provide a high level of protection against ESD.

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Image of Littelfuse Thyristors SK2xxD SK6xxxYD Series

High-Voltage SCR Switching Thyristors SK2xxxD / SK6xxxD Series

The SK2xxxD / SK6xxxD series SCR switching thyristors from Littelfuse are unidirectional switches designed to handle voltage spikes and power surges in incoming AC power mains. These SCRs can take up to 1300 V (SK2xxxD series) or 1700 V (SK6xxxD series) without malfunctioning.

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Image of Littelfuse CG6 & CG7 Series Miniature Gas Discharge Tubes

Miniature SMT Gas Discharge Tubes CG6 and CG7 Series

Two series of miniature, surface-mount, two-terminal gas discharge tubes (GDTs) from Littelfuse are designed to protect sensitive electronics from low-to-medium level lightning-induced surges and other voltage transients.

Learn More
Image of Littlefuse's LFUSCD Series Schottky Diodes

Ultra-Low Forward Voltage SiC Schottky Diodes LFUSCD Series

Littelfuse introduces their LFUSCD series of silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes that are ideal for applications where improvements in efficiency, reliability, and thermal management are desired.

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Image of Littelfuse's TVS Diode Array ESD SP4042 Series

TVS Diode Array 3.3 V Lightning Surge Events, ESD SP4042 Series

Littelfuse has introduced the SP4042 series TVS diode array, which are designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

Learn More

Tools and Support

Image of Littelfuse's LED Lighting Surge Protection Modules

LED Lighting Surge Protection Modules Design and Installation Guide

Design Guide for the LSP series SPD Modules, part selection and importance of adding this module to LED lighting applications. Learn More

Image of Littelfuse's Sensors Product Catalog

Sensors Product Catalog and Design Guide

This Guide provides introduction to magnetic sensing and offers practical suggestions for selecting reed switches, reed sensors and Hall effect sensors for a variety of applications. Learn More

Image of Littelfuse's TVS Diode Applications Overview

Transient Voltage Suppressor Application Overview

Application overview of different voltage transients that can occur and how to apply TVS Diode protection. Learn More

Image of Littelfuse's IGBT and Rectifier Diode Modules

IGBT and Rectifier Diode Power Semiconductor Modules Guide

Quick selection guide on circuit type, package type, collector emitter voltage and amperage rating options available IGBT and Rectifier modules. Learn More

Image of Littelfuse's ESD Protection Using TVS Diode Arrays

ESD Protection using TVS Diode Arrays Design Guide

This guide was developed to help designers navigate a selection of appropriate TVS Diode Array circuit protection, includes consideration factors, example circuits and recommended components. Learn More

Image of Littelfuse's Fuseology 101

Introduction to Circuit Protection - Fuseology 101

User friendly Fuseology Selection Guide makes the process quick and easy by helping with all the key parameters in selecting the proper over current protection Fuse or PTC resettable device. Learn More

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protecting network and telecommunication port

Top 5 Design Considerations

Duration: 20 minutes

This presentation will provide the top five criteria to consider when performing a protection need analysis for Network or Telecommunication interface.

Reed Switches

Reed Switch Basics

Duration: 5 minutes

Basic operation, terminology, characteristics, and applications will be discussed, as well Q&A on selecting the proper reed switch


Fuseology - Introduction to Fuses

Duration: 5 minutes

Fuses are instrumental circuit protection devices designed to serve as overcurrent protectors in a circuit

LSP10 Series

Surge Protection LSP05 and LSP10 Series

Duration: 5 minutes

The LSP series of lighting protection modules are designed to provide high energy surge protection and increased reliability for many types of outdoor lighting applications.

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Littelfuse SIDACtor Thyristors | Digi-Key Daily

Littelfuse SIDACtor thyristors are a broadband DSLP biased series custom tailored to protect and other DSL hardware from overvoltage situations without affecting signal integrity.

Littelfuse's Philosophy behind Speed2Design Website

Littelfuse's Philosophy behind Speed2Design Website

Littelfuse's Thane Parker Amps UP Circuit protection

Littelfuse's Thane Parker Amps UP Circuit protection

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