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Lattice Semiconductor

- Lattice Semiconductor, founded in 1983 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the global leader in smart connectivity solutions. They provide market leading intellectual property and low-power, small form-factor devices that enable more than 8,000 global customers to quickly deliver innovative and differentiated cost and power efficient products. The Company's broad end-market exposure extends from consumer electronics to industrial equipment, communications infrastructure and licensing.

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Image of Lattice Semiconductor's $99 Promotion on 3 Great FPGA Tools

$99 Promotion on 3 Great FPGA Tools

Lattice Semiconductor offers special pricing with its $99 promotion on three FPGA tools include its ECP5-5G™ Versa Development board, Diamond software, and IP Suite.

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Image of Lattice CrossLink Programmable Video Interface Bridging Device

CrossLink™ Programmable Video Interface Bridging Device

Lattice CrossLink is a programmable video interface bridging device capable of providing multiple MIPI CSI-2 interfaces at up to 6 Gbps per PHY.

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Image of Lattice's ECP5™ SERDES Enabled FPGA Family

ECP5™ SERDES Enabled FPGA Family

In developing the ECP5™ SERDES enabled FPGA family, Lattice breaks the rule that all FPGAs should be the highest density, power hungry, and expensive.

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Image of Lattice's USB type C cable detect and power delivery

USB Type-C Cable Detect (CD) and Power Delivery (PD)

Lattice Semiconductor offers its line of USB Type-C connectors featuring a small reversible connector, two channels of 10 Gbps USB data, flexible alternate modes for transporting non USB data such as video, and up to 100 W of power delivery capability.

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Image of Lattice's ECP5 Versa Dev Kit

ECP5 Versa Evaluation Board

Lattice Semiconductor's ECP5™ Versa Evaluation Board allows designers to investigate and experiment with the features of the ECP5 Field-Programmable Gate Array.

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Image of Lattice's MachXO3L Starter Kit

MachXO3L Starter Kit

Lattice's MachXO3L starter kit currently features the MachXO3L-6900C device in the 256-ball 0.8 mm pitch caBGA package.

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IC CPLD 1056MC 7.24NS 132CSBGA

MachXO2 Non-volatile Technology

Duration: 5 minutes

The advantages of the MachXO2 non-volatile PLD include instant-on operation, secure operation, and simpler board design.

POWR6AT6- Functional Block Diagram

Power and Board Management Solutions

Duration: 5 minutes

Lattice’s POWR6 solutions include POWR6AT6, POWR607, and POWR605 and will reduce designers’ cost while improving the reliability of their system.

LatticeECP3"Value FPGA"

LatticeECP3 Introduction

Duration: 5 minutes

LatticeECP3 is the third generation, highly reliable, low-cost, and low-power FPGA for mainstream wireline, wireless, video, and other applications.

POWR1220AT8 Functional Block Diagram

POWR1014A & POWR1220AT8 Overview

Duration: 5 minutes

The POWR1014/1014A and POWR1220AT8 power management products cover many applications including reset generation, voltage supervision, and watchdog timing.

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