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Laird Technologies

- Laird Technologies designs and manufactures customized, performance-critical products for wireless and other advanced electronics applications.

The company is a global market leader in the design and supply of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, thermal management products, mechanical actuation systems, signal integrity components, and wireless antennae solutions, as well as radio frequency (RF) modules and systems.


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Image of Laird - Embedded Wireless Solutions' RM186/191 Series Wireless Modules

RM186/191 Series Wireless Modules

Laird offers its RM186/191 series of wireless modules that are a LoRA® and Bluetooth® Smart v4.0 integrated solution for LPWAN EIoT applications.

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Image of Laird Technologies' Wireless Charging Modules

Wireless Charging Modules

Laird Technologies' wireless charging modules offer high-performance and reliability through the utilization of carefully selected ferrite materials.

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Image of Laird's Bx600 Breakout Boards

Bx600 Breakout Boards

Laird’s Bx600 series come in basic breakout board, board with coin cell attachment, and board with coin cell attachment and USB-to-UART adapter packages.

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Image of Laird Technologies' PowerCycling Series Thermoelectric Modules

PowerCycling Series Thermoelectric Modules

Laird’s PowerCycling series is a thermoelectric module (TEM) specially constructed to reduce the amount of stress induced on the TE elements during operation.

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Image of Laird's TYS Power Inductors

TYS Power Inductors

Laird offers the TYS series of power inductors, which is a low-profile, high-performance solution that has been qualified to the AEC-Q200 standard.

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Image of Laird's BL620 Series Central-Mode BLE Module

BL620 Series Central-Mode BLE Modules

Laird's BL620 makes it easy to add single-mode Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), also known as Bluetooth Smart™, to small, portable, power-conscious devices.

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BT900 Series of Intelligent Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode Modules

Duration: 5 minutes

Includes an embedded Bluetooth 4.0 software stack for Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities.

Module Bluetooth HCI Dual USB

BT800 Series Bluetooth v4.0 Dual Mode Modules

Duration: 5 minutes

The BT800 v4.0 series is a dual-mode, or Bluetooth Smart Ready Module, that supports a USB HCI interface with HID proxy mode.

Bluetooth Module V2.0

BT700 Series Bluetooth Modules

Duration: 5 minutes

The BT700 series are Class 1 Bluetooth v2.0 and v2.1 modules that feature a compact 15 mm x 29 mm footprint.

BL600 Series

BL600 Series

Duration: 5 minutes

Single-mode, Bluetooth Smart module using a smartBASIC core, allowing it to support a range of applications including blood pressure and heart rate monitors.

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Ensure Reliable Connectivity for Digital Signs

Ensure Reliable Connectivity for Digital Signs

Who is Laird?

Laird is a global technology business focused on enabling wireless communication and smart systems, and providing components and systems that protect electronics.

Laird's Differentiation

Learn what innovation, reliable fulfillment, and speed mean to Laird and our customers.

Virtual Serial Port (vSP) Demo from Laird

Virtual serial port (vSP) is a custom service that allows bi-directional data exchange between Laird's BL600 modules and a Central mode device.

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