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On April 1st, 1999, Siemens Semiconductors became Infineon Technologies. A dynamic more flexible company geared towards success in the competitive, ever-changing world of microelectronics.



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Infineon offer highly reliable IGBTs, MOSFETs, Power Discretes, Drivers, IGBT Modules, IPMs, Regulators, Motor Control, and all forms of AC/DC, DC/DC. Learn More


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See some of Infineon’s application spotlights on Automotive, Commercial, Power, Industrial, as well as other applications. Learn More

Product, Simulation, and Tools

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Get the right product at the click of the mouse. Infineon solution finders quickly show the best parts based your design parameters and features. Learn More

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Featured Products

Infineon and International Rectifier

IR Acquisition

Infineon and International Rectifier – this is a powerful combination and a unique opportunity for our customers. Both companies complement each other outstandingly in their distributional strengths, in their competitive products, and in their leading technological and innovative excellence. Learn More

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Image of Infineon's TLE4922 Highly Robust Mono-Hall Speed Sensor

TLE4922 Highly Robust Mono-Hall Speed Sensors

Infineon’s TLE4922 sensors are specially designed to provide an easy-to-use, robust and cost effective solution for vehicle or industrial speed sensing applications.

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High and Low Side Switches

Infineon drives resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads with the PROFET smart high-side and HITFET smart low-side switches.

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Image of Infineon Technologies' BTS7008-2EPA Power Switch

BTS7008-2EPA Power Switch

Infineon’s BTS7008-2EPA is a 12 V, smart, high-side power switch, PROFET+2 family of single-, dual-, and quad-channel protected high-side power switches.

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Power MOSFETs for Wireless Charging

Infineon offers a variety of power MOSFETs for wireless charging applications. Infineon power MOSFETs are available at Digi-Key today!

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Image of Infineon Technologies' 700 V CoolMOS™ P7

700 V CoolMOS™ P7 Power Transistor

Infineon's CoolMOS Power MOSFET product family in 700 V sets a benchmark in superjunction technologies and combines best-in-class performance.

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Image of Infineon's DPS310 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensors

DPS310 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensors

Infineon's DPS310XTSA1 is a miniaturized digital barometric air pressure sensor with high accuracy, high stability, and low current consumption.

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Tools and Support

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Infineon’s upcoming webinars and overviews of the webinars. Infineon’s webinars are all free of charge. Learn More

Image of Infineon's Development Tools, Software, and Kits

Development Tools, Software, and Kits

Infineon Technologies Tools & Software Partner offers a variety of embedded development tools and software solutions for our customers that support our entire family of microcontrollers. Learn More

Image of Infineon's Power eSIM


Free switch mode power supply circuit (SMPS) design software and transformer calculation simulation tool. Learn More

Image of Infineon's Application Solutions

Application Solutions

Innovative Semiconductor Solutions for Energy Efficiency, Mobility, and Security Learn More

Image of Infineon's Solution Finder

Solution Finder

Solution Finder aims at finding the right product for the right application in a very short time. It consists of three dimensions: Product Finder, Application Finder, and Simulation and Tool Finder. Learn More

Image of Infineon's Designer

Infineon Designer

Infineon Designer is a powerful online tool that makes it easy for engineers to quickly evaluate, optimize and simulate ready to use application circuits. This online platform is a flexible SPICE-based environment for power, mixed signal, and RF designs. Learn More

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ESD Diode

Selecting the Right ESD Diode

Duration: 10 minutes

How to select the optimal ESD diode based on IC requirements and the importance of considering external ESD protection given the technology trends in ICs.



Duration: 10 minutes

Trenchstop™ 5 is the next generation of thin wafer technology for applications switching to less than 10 kHz.

High Voltage ICs

High Voltage Integrated Circuits

Duration: 10 minutes

Used to generate the voltage needed to turn high voltage MOSFETs or IGBTs on and off and also offers speed of operation and protection features.

IR Portfolio Expansion

Discrete Power MOSFETs 40 V and Below

Duration: 10 minutes

Low voltage discrete power MOSFETs 40 V and below for DC-DC and DC application, IR MOSFET selection tool and cross referencing tool.

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