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- Hirose Electric is a top-tier global connector manufacturer offering a broad range of interconnect devices including RF, coaxial, board-to-board, wire-to-board, circular, micro USB, FPC/FFC, and industrial power connectors. Our card connector series includes solutions for microSD™, SD, and Compact PCI. Hirose Electric supports advanced technologies in the consumer electronics, medical, industrial and automotive markets. Our global manufacturing operations provide optimal supply chain services. Hirose products are well-known for their exceptional quality and reliability.

Application Solutions

Image of Hirose's Application Solutions and Connector Families

Hirose’s top-of-the-line connectors are available for a broad range of applications. Choose from from RF, coaxial, board-to-board, wire-to-board, in-line, circular, micro USB, and FPC/FFC connectors. Learn More

Wire-to-Board Connectors

Image of Hirose's Wire-to-Board Connectors

We offer a wide array of wire-to-board connectors for various applications. Our versatile products range from a tiny 4 Amp single-pole series to high-power 10.16 pitch, 45 Amp series. Learn More

HR30 Series Connectors

Image of Hirose's HR30 Series Connectors

Hirose circular connectors are robust, compact and versatile. Featuring waterproof capabilities, visual mating guides, and easy-to-operate locking mechanisms, make them an excellent choice. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Hirose Electric's DF59M Series Connectors

DF59M Series Connectors

DF59M Wire-to-Board Single-Pole Power Connector for LED Applications Learn More

Image of Hirose Electric's FX30B Series Power Connector Systems

FX30B Series Power Connector Systems

FX30B Series Board-to-Board Connectors - rated current up to 17 Amps, with a 0.3mm floating structure to absorb alignment errors, allowing for multiple connectors on the same board. Learn More

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Image of Hirose FX23 Series Connectors

FX23 Series Connectors

Hirose’s FX23 series hybrid power and signal board-to-board connector features a high-speed transmission capability up to 8 Gbps and a highly reliable floating contact mechanism that simplifies assembly.

Learn More
Image of Hirose's DF63W Series Connectors

DF63W Series Connectors

Hirose's DF63W series are small connectors capable of delivering up to 14 amps In a slim design and all-plastic shell, ideal for wiring in small spaces.

Learn More
Image of Hirose's HK Series

HK Series Connector

Hirose's HK series solderless compression-mount 2.92 mm connector supporting up to 40 GHz

Learn More
Image of Hirose's H2.4 Series

H2.4 Series Connector

Hirose's H2.4 series solderless compression-mount connector that supports up to 50 GHz

Learn More
Image of Hirose Electric's BM25 Series Connectors

BM25 Series Connectors

Hirose's BM25 series connectors are small, board-to-flexible printed circuit (FPC) connectors designed for battery pack connections in mobile devices.

Learn More
Image of Hirose's HRM(G) Series Test Connectors

HRM(G) Series Test Connectors

Hirose's HRM(G) series test connectors are designed for solderless compression screw mounting and provide advantages which maximize performance and flexibility.

Learn More

Tools & Support

Image of Hirose's EnerBee


Hirose offers a Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire power connector series named after the tiny, yet industrious and energetic insect; the EnerBee name represents the concept of this product family - compact size with high-end performance. Learn More

Image of Hirose's FunctionMAX


FunctionMAX is a group of Board-to-Board connector series from Hirose with a mission to meet the needs of the industrial market with maximum functionality. Learn More

Image of Hirose's Power Distribution Systems

Connectors for Power Distribution System

Power Brochure: Hirose's growing line of industrial power connectors for battery storage applications are designed for both fixed and portable electrical equipment. These high-voltage interconnects are suitable for use in industrial energy storage, inverters, UPS systems, community energy storage, and more. Learn More

Image of Hirose's Interconnect Solutions for Lighting

Interconnect Solutions for Lighting

Wire-to-board and wire-to-wire interconnect products from Hirose offer the ideal solution for LED applications. Low profile and versatile, these connectors feature multiple positions, secure locking systems, and various termination sizes with contact pitches ranging from 1mm to 7.92mm. Learn More

Image of Hirose's Industrial Applications

Interconnects for Industrial Applications

Choose from an assortment of cutting-edge interconnects from Hirose for a wide variety of industrial uses. Our board-to-board, wire-to-board, coaxial, flex circuit, circular, and input/output connectors provide ideal solutions for the most demanding applications. Learn More

Image of Hirose's Medical Applications

Interconnects for Medical Applications

Hirose manufactures technologically-advanced connectors for a variety of medical devices and equipment, including therapy and pain relief devices, patient monitoring, diagnostic equipment, portable handheld devices, and more. We supply an assortment of rugged and reliable board-to-board, wire-to-board, coaxial, flex circuit, circular, and input/output connectors. Learn More

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Micro Coaxial Connector

Micro-Coaxial Connector

Duration: 5 minutes

Introducing Hirose’s DF81, DF80, and DF36 series also discussed will be some of the features and benefits, locking options, and typical applications.

Wire To Board Connector

Wire-to-Board Connector

Duration: 15 minutes

This module is intended to introduce various connectors manufactured by Hirose and to share some of the features and benefits and the applications.

MS-162B Series RF Coaxial Switch

MS-162B Series RF Coaxial Switch Overview

Duration: 10 minutes

MS-162B achieves the requirement for a low profile, light weight connector with low loss and high performance characteristics.

HR08D Series Introduction

HR08D Series Introduction

Duration: 15 minutes

The HR08D connector series is a small robust, push-on bayonet lock that is oil-proof and waterproof and supports IP68 class.

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Hirose DF63W Series Connectors | Digi-Key Daily

Digi-Key Daily previews Hirose's DF63W series connectors. This small 3.96mm pitch connector from Hirose is IP67 water resistant rated and is also shock and vibration resistant.

Smart Watch Connector - Hirose

A brief video showing the different Hirose connectors used in the Smart Watch for the LCD screen, Touch panel, Speaker/Microphone, Battery, Antenna, and Interface connection.

Smart Glasses Connector - Hirose

A brief video showing the different Hirose connectors being used in the Smart Glasses such as D49, DF56, FH37, BM14, DF36, D81, FH54, BM15, DF57H, BM22, X.FL, and the MS-180 series.

Hirose BM24 Connectors | Digi-Key Daily

Hirose's BM24 hybrid power and signal board to FPC connectors are rated up to 5 amps for power and 250 milliamps for signal. The tiny .35mm pitch connectors have a .8mm mated height and include guide ribs for easier connections during mating.

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