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- Henkel Adhesive Electronics, a division of global materials innovator, Henkel Corporation, is focused on developing next-generation materials for a variety of applications in the industrial, consumer, handheld, wearables, display and emerging electronics market sectors.

Henkel’s leading electronics brands of LOCTITE, Multicore (now sold under the LOCTITE brand) and Bergquist have long been recognized as the product brands to trust for printed circuit board assembly applications. With a broad portfolio of materials including surface mount adhesives, advanced flux chemistries, encapsulants, high performance solder solutions, conductive adhesives, thermal management materials as well as CSP underfills and board protection materials, Henkel’s advanced formulations ensure maximum processability and reliable in-field performance.


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Image of Henkel Bergquist Gap Pad HC 5.0

Gap Pad HC 5.0

A soft and compliant gap filling material, Bergquist's Gap Pad HC 5.0 has a thermal conductivity of 5.0 W/m-K and delivers outstanding thermal performance with very low compression stress.

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Image of Henkel Loctite's GC 3W Solder Paste

GC 3W Solder Paste

Henkel Loctitie introduces their GC 3W solder paste that provides exceptional results in aqueous cleaning systems without the addition of saponifiers or co-solvents.

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Image of Henkel LOCTITE GC 10 Solder Paste

GC 10 Solder Paste

The first-ever temperature stable solder paste, Henkel LOCTITE’s GC 10 solder paste is stable at 26.5°C for one year and at temperatures of up to 40°C for one month.

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Image of Bergquist's TCF 4000 PXF Bridgelux Qualified Thermal Pads

TCF 4000 PXF Bridgelux Qualified Thermal Pads

Bergquist's TCF 4000 PXF phase-change thermal interface material is a reworkable material suitable for use between heat-sinks and other heat dissipating components.

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Image of Bergquist's Sil-Pad® 900S

Sil-Pad® 900S

The Sil-Pad® 900S insulation material features thermal impedance of 0.61°C-in2/W (@50 psi) for applications including power supplies.

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Image of Bergquist's Q-Pad® 3

Q-Pad® 3

Q-Pad® 3 glass-reinforced grease replacement thermal interface can be installed prior to soldering and cleaning.

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Product Training Modules View All (11)

Gap Pad EMI 1.0

Gap Pad EMI 1

Duration: 15 minutes

Explore potential markets and applications for the Bergquist Gap Pad EMI 1.0 product.

Solder Paste

GC 10 Solder Paste

Duration: 15 minutes

The Loctite GC 10 Game Changer paste provides a new benchmark for the industry and addresses the performance and property advances vs. current paste technology.

Thermal Interface Material Gap Pad

Thermal Interface Material (TIM), Gap Pad® VO Ultra Soft

Duration: 5 minutes

Gap Pad VO offers a thermally conductive, electrically isolating material with a wide array of secondary benefits.

Thermal Interface Materials Gap Pad Characteristics

Thermal Interface materials (TIM) Gap Pad Key Product Characteristics

Duration: 15 minutes

Thermal interface materials (TIM) Gap Pad characteristics including thermal, electrical, and mechanical.

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Liquid Dispensed TIM

This animation demonstrates how to combine your Thermal Clad® IMS with Bergquist Liquid Dispensed TIM for an optimal thermal solution.

GC10 Solder Paste - LOCTITE │Another Geek Moment Product Preview

GC 10 solder paste from LOCTITE offers a temperature stable solder paste with improved solderability via improved stability, printing, and reflow.

Loctite GC 10

Loctite GC 10 is not only a game changer in its performance capabilities, but it will redefine the way you ship, store and handle solder paste.

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