- The LOCTITE brand is known the world over for its outstanding reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness. These attributes are evident throughout the LOCTITE portfolio and have established the brand as a leader for a variety of electronics applications.

With materials for Thermal Interface Materials, Conformal Coatings, Sealants, Surface Mount Adhesives and Display Sealants, the LOCTITE name has become synonymous with innovation and superior performance. What’s more, all LOCTITE materials are backed by Henkel’s decades of formulation expertise, unmatched global support infrastructure and indisputable in-field results.

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Image of LOCTITE's GC 10 Solder Paste

GC 10 Solder Paste

The first-ever temperature stable solder paste, LOCTITE’s GC 10 solder paste is stable at 26.5 °C for one year and at temperatures of up to 40 °C for one month.

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Solder Paste

GC 10 Solder Paste

Duration: 15 minutes

The Loctite GC 10 Game Changer paste provides a new benchmark for the industry and addresses the performance and property advances vs. current paste technology.

Circuit Board Protection

Circuit Board Protection Introduction

Duration: 10 minutes

Discuss different needs and methods of circuit board protection as well as the process considerations and suggestions of best possible solutions for use.

Phase Change (PCTIM)

Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials

Duration: 10 minutes

An comparison of the features and benefits of thermal grease and phase change as well as an review of the applications they are used for.

Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)

Duration: 5 minutes

View Henkel's Thermal Interface Materials product portfolio. Available to meet all types of applications, including bonding and non-bonding solutions.

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GC10 Solder Paste - LOCTITE │Another Geek Moment Product Preview

GC 10 solder paste from LOCTITE offers a temperature stable solder paste with improved solderability via improved stability, printing, and reflow.

Loctite GC 10

Loctite GC 10 is not only a game changer in its performance capabilities, but it will redefine the way you ship, store and handle solder paste.