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Future Technology Devices International, Ltd.

- FTDI Chip develops innovative silicon solutions that enhance interaction with today’s technology. Through application of its “Design Made Easy” ethos, the company is able to support engineers with highly sophisticated, feature-rich, robust and simple-to-use product platforms.

FTDI Chip’s long-established, continuously expanding Universal Serial Bus (USB) product line boasts universally recognized products. The company’s Embedded Video Engine (EVE) graphic controllers each pack display, audio and touch functionality onto a single chip allowing dramatic reductions in the development time and bill-of-materials costs involved in Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) implementation. FTDI Chip also provides families of highly differentiated, speed-optimised microcontrollers with augmented connectivity.


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Image of FTDI's CleO35A Module

CleO35A Smart TFT Display Shield Module

FTDI's CleO35A is a smart TFT display shield for Arduino can be easily programmed to give professional looking HMI/GUIs with no prior knowledge of complex graphics programming.

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Image of FTDI's NerO Development Module

NerO Development Module

FTDI's NerO is a reference design for an energy efficient Arduino UNO compatible board based on the ATMEGA328 with the FTDI FT231X USB-UART, capable of operating at 5 V with a full 1 A while remaining cool to the touch.

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Image of FTDI's FT2232H-56Q and FT4232H-56Q 56 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ICs

FT2232H-56Q and FT4232H-56Q 56-Pin USB 2.0 High-Speed ICs

FTDI's FT2232H-56Q and FT4232H-56Q are configurable USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (supporting 480 Mbit/s operation) ICs are available in 56-pin VQFN packages, which results to an easier to place and route on PCBs, as well as being better suited to space-constrained electronic designs.

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Image of FTDI's FT260 Bridge IC

FT260 Bridge IC HID-Class USB to UART/I²C Bridge IC

The FT260 is a USB device which supports I²C and UART communication through standard USB HID class interfaces which is natively supported by most operating systems

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Image of FTDI's FT51A Series MCUs

FT51A Series MCUs

FTDI's FT51A series are ideal for USB data acquisition, general purpose microcontroller, and mass data storage for medical, industrial, and test instrumentations

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Image of FTDI's FT51A Series Components

FT51A Series Modules

FTDI Chip's FT51A brings enhanced IO bridging to 8-bit MCU technology with integrated USB device and hub port capabilities ideal for cascading distributed computing tasks over USB.

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Product Training Modules View All (6)

IoT Solutions

Solutions to Support IoT

Duration: 5 minutes

Definition of IoT and the solutions they provide that support smart technologies. A short description of Multi Purpose Synchronous Serial Engine (MPSSE) mode.

nero and cleo

NerO and CleO Introduction

Duration: 10 minutes

FTDI highlighting the NerO, an enhanced Arduino UNO clone and the smart TFT display for Arduino, CleO.


SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Solutions

Duration: 10 minutes

Introduction to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 solutions.

Embedded Video Engine - FT800

Embedded Video Engine

Duration: 10 minutes

An easy way to incorporate graphics displays into products providing for a lower cost solution.

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FTDI CleO35A Smart TFT Display Shield Module | Maker Minute

FTDI's CleO35A is a smart TFT display shield that is compatible with FTDI’s CleO RIO, CleO Camera, and CleO Speaker.

FT801 IC from FTDI - Another Geek Moment Product Preview

Discover how the FT801 IC from FTDI makes it easy to develop a human machine interface (HMI).

Using FT800 Conversion Tools

This short video details the various conversion utilities for the FT800 Embedded Video Engine (EVE) platform.