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ON Semiconductor/Fairchild

- Fairchild is now part of ON Semiconductor

Together, we deliver a more extensive product portfolio of power discretes, ICs and power modules, plus a complete offering of low, mid and high voltage products across the entire voltage spectrum which means more choices for your designs. Together, we provide a stronger presence in the key markets of automotive, industrial and wireless, combined with increased technical and sales support.

Field Stop IGBT Technology

Image of Fairchild's 650V, 30A/40A/60A, Field-Stop Trench IGBT for Optimum Performance

Fairchild's Field Stop (FS) insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology enables designers to develop highly reliable systems with higher input voltage while offering optimum performance where low conduction and switching losses are essential. Learn More

LED Lighting Solutions

Fairchild Semiconductor Led Solutions Thumbnail

Designers of LED lighting applications need to simplify design complexity and increase energy efficiency in limited PCB space. That's why Fairchild Semiconductor offers a total solution portfolio for low-, mid-, and high power designs. Learn More

One-Stop Automotive Shop

Image of Fairchild's One-Stop Automotive Shop

With a legacy of more than 50 years as a worldwide automotive semiconductor supplier, Fairchild’s portfolio of products help deliver performance, fuel economy and emission levels required in vehicles today and in the future. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Fairchild PowerTrench Mosfets in TO-Leadless Packaging

PowerTrench® MOSFETs in TO-Leadless Packaging

Fairchild Semiconductors innovative TO-LL technology offers an extremely low package resistance, a very small footprint, and allows for exceptionally good EMI behavior.  This technology is now offered in a range of voltage classes specifically designed and qualified for automotive applications. Learn More

Image of Fairchild's Extended Temperature Family of Mid-voltage MOSFETs

Extended Temperature Family of Mid-voltage MOSFETs

Fairchild Semiconductor's N-Channel MOSFETs are produced using its advanced PowerTrench® process that has been especially tailored to minimize the on-state resistance and yet maintain superior switching performance. The advanced PowerTrench® process also incorporates Shielded Gate technology on select parts. Learn More

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Image of Fairchild Semiconductor's 650 V, SuperFET® III MOSFETs

650 V, SuperFET® III MOSFETs

Fairchild Semiconductor's 650 V, SuperFET® III MOSFETs are designed for applications that include servers, telecom and industrial systems, and EV chargers.

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Image of Fairchild Semiconductor's GreenBridge™ Series of High-Efficiency Bridge Rectifiers

GreenBridge™ Series of High-Efficiency Bridge Rectifiers

Fairchild’s GreenBridge™ Series of bridge rectifiers are comprised of two N-channel and two P-channel 80 V-rated MOSFETs in a single, small MLP-12 package.

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Image of Fairchild's MEMS Motion Sensors

MEMS Motion Sensors

Fairchild takes a system-based approach to its MEMS motion solutions, making it easy for designers to achieve both high performance and fast time to market.

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Image of Fairchild's LED Direct AC Drive Solutions

LED Direct AC Drive Solutions

Fairchild’s LED direct AC drive family provides cost-effective integrated circuit solutions that enable phase-cut dimming, analog dimming and PWM dimming capabilities for smart commercial lighting applications.

Learn More
Image of Fairchild Semiconductor's Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Solutions

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Solutions

Fairchild’s automotive MOSFETs, rectifiers, IGBTs, and module driver IC products offer easy-to-use, highly flexible, and high performance EV/HEV solutions.

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Image of Fairchild's FDMS86181 PowerTrench® MOSFET

FDMS86181 PowerTrench® MOSFET

Fairchild's FDMS86181 PowerTrench MOSFET currently has the lowest RDS(ON) and Qrr in its class and fastest reverse recovery while delivering the highest efficiency.

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Tools & Support

Image of Fairchild's Automotive Solutions

Leading-edge Solutions for Automotive

Fairchild has a legacy of more than 50 years as a worldwide automotive semiconductor supplier. Our portfolio of products covers the spectrum of the automotive power market. Fairchild’s leading-edge IGBTs, MOSFETs, ignition IGBTs, injector drivers, gate drivers and power modules are used in engine management, electric power assisted steering (EPAS), motor drives, traction inverters, chargers, DC-DC converters, PTC heaters and other systems that require high quality, power efficient components. Learn More

Image of Fairchild's Scalable Power in the Cloud

Scalable Power in the Cloud

Fairchild’s power management solutions drive efficiency while simplifying system design, reducing board space, improving system reliability and accelerating time to market. Our industry leading integrated technologies and unique packaging solutions address system cooling and optimized power density. Learn More

Image of Fairchild's MEMS Technology

MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

The FIS1100 is the world's first consumer IMU to provide pitch, roll, and yaw specifications. It comes bundled with Fairchild's high-performance 9-axis sensor fusion algorithms, XKF3™, and includes an on-chip AttitudeEngine™ motion processor for longer battery life, easy adoption, and enhanced user experience. Learn More

Image of Fairchild's Design Tools

Design Tools

Power Supply WebDesigner offers a suite of time-saving tools for designing and optimizing your power supply. Created for both novice and experienced engineers, WebDesigner’s industry-leading capabilities and flexibility in automated design and simulation will increase your effectiveness, efficiency, and confidence without the need for trial and error design with a hardware prototype. Learn More

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Fairchild Haptic Drivers

FAH4830 Haptics Driver

Duration: 5 minutes

Has a low start up time resulting in overall system latency and offers tactile feedback for a variety of industrial, automotive, and consumer applications.

Translator Market Evolution

Logic Translator Solutions

Duration: 30 minutes

Reduce EMI and noise, allow for CMOS or Bipolar input voltage levels, and solve many common translation design problems with a bidirectional interface feature.

600V 75A IGBT

SMPS Power Switch

Duration: 15 minutes

See comprehensive solutions for designing switch mode power supplies including IGBTs, MOSFETs, and power switches.

High Voltage Switches

High Voltage Switches for Power Processing

Duration: 20 minutes

Fairchild optimizes the design of its high-voltage MOSFETs and rectifiers to meet different needs of various applications.

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Fairchild FDMQ8205 GreenBridge 2 MOSFET | Digi-Key Daily

The FDMQ8205 Green Bridge 2 quad MOSFET from Fairchild maximizes available power and voltage while decreasing losses commonly found while using diode rectifiers.

FL77944 Direct AC Driver Demo

Fairchild’s LED Direct AC Driver is the industry’s most cost-effective integrated circuit solution for driving solid state lighting with high PF and low THD.

Direct AC Drive Overview

The FL779xx family provides solid-state lighting solutions that have smaller form factors, scalable power, high performance, and longer system lifetimes. These solutions can scale power from 12W to 120W.

Fairchild Field Stop Trench IGBT | Digi-Key Daily

Fairchild's field stop trench IGBT's are designed for the high voltage, high current demands of the hybrid and electric car industry and can also be used for any application requiring a high power switch.