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Electronic Assembly GmbH

- Electronic Assembly markets a broad spectrum of top-quality industrial displays to customers in a number of industries ranging from process automation and machinery manufacturing to IT. A high level of vertical integration enables the company to keep a large portion of the value-add chain in-house. Because Electronic Assembly offers all the familiar advantages of a Mid-tier company, it has the flexibility to accommodate the wide-ranging needs of its customers.


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Image of Electronic Assembly's EA DOGXL240-7 Graphics Displays

EA DOGXL240-7 Graphics Displays

Electronic Assembly’s EA DOGXL240-7 has 240 x 128 pixel resolution and comes with a UC1611s controller, graphics RAM, and alternatively with background lighting.

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Image of Electronics Assemblies' EA 9780-3USB and EA DOG Simulators

EA 9780-3USB and EA DOG Simulators

The EA 9780-3USB test board allows a rapid start to be made on development projects involving displays of the EA DOG and EA eLABEL20 lines from Electronic Assembly.

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