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EasyBraid Co.

- Established in 1989 EasyBraid Co. has achieved widespread recognition as a provider and manufacturer of supplies and equipment used in the PCB assembly industry. The company vision has been an inspiration from the beginning—A firm commitment to excellence with a global perspective and an eye to the future. Bringing quality, service, and value to each of our customers is as important as providing new and innovative products to our worldwide market. We strive to deliver a complete solution to quality inspection and repair/rework needs by providing well-trained field applications engineers and utilizing the sales support of over 200 representatives and distributors throughout the United States and in 20 additional countries spanning six continents.

As products, packaging, and technologies constantly change, high quality and consistent performance is essential. By manufacturing in compliance with ISO9002 standards, and through our strict adherence to Statistical Process Control (SPC), EasyBraid Co. can assure you the highest quality product and will guarantee the consistency of that quality.

EB-9000s Soldering and Rework Station

Image of Easy Braid Co.'s EB-9000s Soldering & Rework Station

EasyBraid's EB-9000s soldering and rework, which uses Curie effect heat technology, will provide years of reliable performance. With this very precise and self-regulating technology, temperature calibration is not required. Learn More

Solder Tip Conversion Tool

Image of Easy Braid's Solder Tip Conversion Tool

Use this conversion tool to be able to select the right EasyBraid solder tip for your solder iron. Most industry standard brands available to easily cross over to a high quality EasyBraid solder tip.

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Image of Easy Braid's EB-5000S Soldering Station

EB-5000S Soldering Station

EasyBraid's EB-5000S soldering station uses curie heat technology that regulates power instantly to respond to thermal requirements of solder joints.

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Image of EasyBraid Power Plus Tips

Power Plus Tips

Power plus tips are designed with a larger copper mass and extra plating

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Image of Easy Braid Co.'s EB2000S Solder/Rework Station

EB2000S Solder/Rework Station

EB2000S soldering stations provide years of reliable performance with the use of Curie Heat Technology.

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Image of Easy Braid Co.'s Quick Braid™

Quick Braid™

The closed weave design of Quick Braid requires less time for desoldering, thus minimizing lifted pads and thermal damage and absorbing more solder mass.

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Image of Easy Braid Co.'s Sea Braid™

Sea Braid™

Sea Braid is ready to use with the flux of your choice.

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Image of Easy Braid Co.'s One Step LF™

One Step LF™

Made using ultra-fine, copper braided into a weave configuration maximizing thermal conduction and solder retention with the One Step LF.

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Soldering Tips

Tip Care Progam

Duration: 10 minutes

PTM Instructs users how to care for and maintain EasyBraid soldering tips.

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PUREX Fume Extraction System by EasyBraid Co.

The Purex series from EasyBraid offers an extensive range of fume extraction solutions.

Purex The Air You Breathe

Purex systems extract the dust and fumes from the process and filter hazardous material before returning clean, purified air to the workplace.

Tip Tinner

Tip Tinner

BC-10 Brass Curls

EasyBraid BC-10 Brass Curls

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