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- E-Switch, Inc. is a leading electromechanical switch supplier that offers one of the broadest switch lines available today. Product offerings continue to expand each year with new product introductions that cater to markets including; industrial, electronics, audio/visual, medical devices and equipment, fitness and wellness, computer peripheral, consumer, appliance and many others. Customer demand has prompted the addition of several new products, including new series of tact, snap-action; slide, sealed, illuminated and anti-vandal pushbutton switches; SMT pushbutton switches; and illuminated rocker switches. E-Switch has been delivering innovative and quality switches to the global market since 1979.


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Image of E-Switch's PB300 Series Pushbutton Switch

PB300 Series Pushbutton Switch

E-Switch's PB300 series are momentary pushbutton switches that are PCB mounted and have a long travel of 2 mm.

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Image of E-Switch's TL3780 Series Ultra-miniature Tact Switches

TL3780 Series Ultra-miniature Tact Switches

E-Switch's TL3780 series tact switches are surface-mounted and they are a mere 2 mm x 3 mm in ultra-miniature size with a very low profile of 0.6 mm.

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Image of E-Switch's PV0 Series Anti-Vandal Switches

PV0 Series Anti-Vandal Switches

E-Switch offers its IP65 rated PV0 series anti-vandal switches that are available in white, red, orange, green, blue, or yellow LED color options.

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Images of E-Switch PVL Series Pilot Indicator Lamp

PVL Series Pilot Indicator Lamps

E-Switch's PVL series pilot indicator lamps offer the same tamper resistance as the rest of the PV series anti-vandal switches, with just the lamp indicator and no switch function.

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Image of E-Switch TL3365 Series Ultra-Miniature Tactile Switch

TL3365 Series Tactile Switch

E-Switch's TL3365 series tact switch is surface mount and ultra-miniature. It is a mere 4.2 mm x 3.2 mm in size and has an operating force of 180 grams. It has a life cycle of 100,000 actuations and a rating of 50 mA @ 12 VDC.

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Image of E-Switch's ULV8 Series Anti-vandal Switch

ULV8 Series Anti-Vandal Switch

E-Switch's ULV8 series offer multiple color-ring illumination options, multiple voltage options, a 25 mm panel cutout size, and SPDT or DPDT function.

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Product Training Modules View All (6)

Sealed Switches

Sealed Switches

Duration: 10 minutes

This presentation will give an overview of E-Switch's wide range of sealed switches and the IP rating system.


Miniature Tactile Switches for Wearable and Hand-held Technology

Duration: 10 minutes

E-Switch offers miniature and micro-miniature tact, navigation, detector switches for the wearable and hand-held technology market.

Anti-Vandal Switch

Anti-Vandal ULV Series

Duration: 10 minutes

Overview of E-Switch's ULV Series of Anti-vandal switches.

R7 Series Power Rocker Switch

R7 Series Power Rocker Switch

Duration: 10 minutes

Single or double pole options available, comes with a choice of either 2-position or 3-position circuit functionality, and up to 2 LED colors per switch.

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TL6210 Series Tact Switch From E-Switch

The TL6210 Series Tact Switch from E-Switch - SEALED, ILLUMINATED, MINIATURE AND SURFACE MOUNT!! A very unique switch that solves the problem of small space for many design engineers who want a lot of features with a tiny footprint.

E-Switch ULV Series Training

E-Switch presents training on its ULV Series switches - IP67 rated, UL Certified with anti-vandal, tamper resistant construction. The series includes the ULV4 (19mm), ULV7 (22mm) and ULV8 (25mm).

ULV4 Series Anti-vandal Switch from E-Switch

E-Switch announces the ULV4 series anti-vandal switch, our latest introduction in our popular anti-vandal series. It is the first one that is UL listed, offering a rating of 3A 250VAC.

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