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- Dialight’s extensive product range covers all your visual indication needs. From discrete through-hole LEDs or MicroLED® surface-mount LEDs, to Through Hole CBI® and Prism® vertical and right-angle indicators that precisely locate lensed indicators on your panel or display, to engineered OptoPipe® light-pipes that channel light around obstacles, to panel-mount LED indicators with NEMA, IP and UL ratings, to lamp holders and lens caps for high-voltage applications, to replacement LED bulbs, Dialight has an indicator for every application.


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Image of Dialight's 595 Series Prism® LED

595 Series Prism LED

Dialight’s 595 series single-level prism is available in a 2 mm lens configuration and comes in five LED colors.

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Image of Dialight's 593 Series Surface Mount LED

593 Series

The 593 Series Tri-Level Prism surface mount indicators are available in 11 LED color options including bi-color and tri-color.

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Image of Dialight's 592 Series Bi-level Prism

592 Series Bi-Level Prism

The 592 Bi-level Prism is available in 11 LED color options including bi-color and tri-color, from Dialight.

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Image of Dialight's ChipLED SideView LEDs

ChipLED SideView LEDs

The smallest right-angle chipLED product family from Dialight, effectively an 0602 package when mounted.

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Image of Dialight's ChipLED Reflector LEDs

ChipLED Reflector LEDs

This new series of chipLEDs from Dialight incorporates a reflector, which serves to enhance viewing angle and intensity.

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Image of Dialight's 556 Series Panel-Mount Indicators

556 Series Panel-Mount Indicators

Dialight's 556 Series LED panel mount indicators incorporate both InGaN and AlInGaP technologies to offer higher intensities.

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Prism®: the SMT Right Angle Solution

Prism®: The SMT Right Angle Solution

Duration: 5 minutes

Dialight's Prism® surface mount right angle indicator features, applications, and benefits.

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Dialight LED Indicators

Overview of Dialight’s indicator families.

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