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Cypress Semiconductor

- Cypress targets innovative markets growing faster than the overall semiconductor industry, including key segments of the automotive, industrial, home automation and appliances, medical products and consumer electronics businesses. With the help of Digi-Key Electronics, we supply customers with market-leading solutions based on our MCUs, wireless SoCs, memories, analog ICs and USB controllers. Our world-class wireless technology gives us an unparalleled position in the fast-growing Internet of Things, a business that cuts across our conventional markets and gives us a stake in exciting, next-generation segments such as connected and autonomous cars. Click here to see how we can help you turn your problem today into an idea embedded in tomorrow.

PSoC® Microcontroller Solutions

Image of Cypress' PSoC Microcontroller Solutions

Recognized by engineers around the world for its flexibility and ease-of-use, Cypress’ PSoC MCU architecture enables you to create visionary designs. Learn More

Low Cost Dev Kits

Image of Cypress' Low-Cost PSoC Dev Kits

Pioneer your design with Cypress’s Low-Cost MCU Dev Kits. Learn More

Memory Problems?

Image of Cypress' Memory Solutions

What Memory Problems? Cypress is the global leader in high-performance and low-power memories. Learn More

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Image of Cypress' PSoC® 6 MCU

Featured Products

Image of Cypress Semiconductor PSoC® 4000S CapSense Prototyping Kit

PSoC®, 4000S CapSense® Prototyping Kit

The PSoC®, 4000S prototyping kit enables users to evaluate and develop with Cypress Semiconductor's fourth-generation, low-power CapSense® solution: the PSoC 4000S, Cypress’ first PSoC4 with an ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core. Learn More

Image of Cypress Semiconductor EZ-BLE™ PSOC® PSoC XT/XR Evaluation Board

EZ-BLE™ PSoC® XT/XR Evaluation Board

The EZ-BLE PSoC evaluation board from Cypress Semiconductor enables the user to evaluate and develop applications on the EZ-BLE PSoC XT/XR module (CYBLE-224110-00). Learn More

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Image of Cypress/Inventek Systems' ISMART + PSoC® 4 MCU Mixed-Signal Configurable MCU + Radio IoT Development Platform

ISMART + PSoC® 4 MCU Mixed-Signal Configurable MCU + Radio IoT Dev. Platform

Cypress and Inventek Systems bundle their ISMART, PSoC® 4 MCU mixed-signal configurable MCU, and Radio IoT development platform for IoT applications.

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Image of Cypress Semiconductor CYALKIT-E04 S6AE102A and S6AE103A Evaluation Kit

CYALKIT-E04 S6AE102A and S6AE103A Evaluation Kit

With the CYALIT-E04 S6AE102A and S6AE103A EVK, Cypress is enabling innovative solar IoT solutions.

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Image of Cypress's PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit
Coming Soon

PSoC® 6 MCU Portfolio Introduction

PSoC 6 is Cypress’ ultra-low-power, high-performance, PSoC MCU portfolio that provides critical security features for the Internet of Things.

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Image of Cypress Semiconductor HyperFlash and HyperRAM in a Multi-Chip Package

HyperFlash and HyperRAM in a Multi-Chip Package

The Cypress HyperFlash™ and HyperRAM™ Multi-Chip Package (MCP) is a solution that combines a high-speed, NOR flash memory for fast-boot, instant-on capability with a self-refresh DRAM.

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Image of Cypress Semiconductor Quad SPI FL-L NOR Flash

Quad SPI FL-L NOR Flash

Cypress’ FL-L 3.0 V quad SPI NOR Flash provides high reliability, enhanced security, and 67 MBps read bandwidth even at an extended temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, allowing high-performance embedded systems to store critical data.

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Image of Cypress' HyperRAM Memory

HyperRAM Memory

Cypress’ 64 Mb HyperRAM™ devices are high-speed, self-refresh dynamic RAM (DRAM) with a HyperBus™ interface for systems requiring expanded scratchpad memory.

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Image of Cypress NOR Flash

FL-L NOR Flash Family

Duration: 5 minutes

This module will introduce and educate about the Cypress 64 Mb to 256 Mb Quad SPI FL-L NOR Flash memory family.

Bluetooth 4.2 Overview

Bluetooth 4.2 Overview

Duration: 15 minutes

Cypress BLE solutions enables easy design of secure, high throughput wireless systems that are low power

KLS and KSS HyperFlash

KLS and KSS HyperFlash Families

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will cover the KLS and KSS families of HyperFlash NOR flash memory products from Cypress.

PSoC Analog Coprocessor

PSoC Analog Coprocessor

Duration: 25 minutes

Including programmable analog blocks/digital blocks, flexible and programmable routing and interconnects, and some Cypress technology like CapSense, all combined into a single chip, the PSoC Analog Coprocessor

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Embedded World 2017: Digi-Key Development Kits – Cypress PSoC CY8CKIT-145-40xx

Rich Nass of Embedded Computing Design tours embedded development kits on display at embedded world 2017 at the Digi-Key booth (Hall 4A, Booth 631).

PSoC 6 BLE Wearables Demo

This video covers the many features in the PSoC 6 BLE Wearables Solutions demo. It explains PSoC 6 BLE interfacing with multiple sensors, processing this data and using it for real life data.

PSoC 6: The IoT Problem Solver

PSoC 6 MCU overview video. PSoC 6 is purpose-built for the IoT, providing the industry’s best ultra-low-power, flexibility, and built-in security for connected devices.

PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit Introduction

PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit demo that covers the many features and capabilities of the kit. Covers the out of box demo, using CapSense as a user interface to scroll and select through menu items displayed on the E-ink display.