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CUI is a technology company dedicated to the development, commercialization, and distribution of new, innovative electro-mechanical products.

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As a leader in the power supply industry CUI offers a diverse range of leading solutions to meet your needs. Browse CUI’s main product offerings. Learn More

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The Power Product Selector allows you to browse CUI’s wide range of ac-dc power supplies and dc-dc converters from front-end power to digital point-of-load. Learn More

Level VI External Power Supplies

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Check out CUI’s comprehensive line of Level VI compliant external ac-dc adapters to keep you one step ahead of the latest regulations. Learn More

Featured Products

Image of CUI's Low Power DC-DC

Low Power DC-DC

CUI presents a comprehensive line of 1~3 W DC-DC converters that are available with a range of package, input, output, and isolation voltage options. Learn More

Image of CUI's Open Fram AC-DC

Open Frame AC-DC

CUI's next-generation VOF open frame AC-DC power supplies are designed to meet the growing need for "green" embedded power solutions, delivering higher efficiency and improved no-load performance. Learn More

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Image of CUI's 90 A POL DC/DC Converter Module

90 A, Digital POL DC/DC Converter Module

CUI's highest current digital POL family, is designed specifically to address the rapidly-rising power requirements of today’s most advanced ICs.

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Image of CUI Level VI Multi-Blade AC-DC Power Adapters

Level VI Multi-Blade AC-DC Power Adapters

CUI Inc has introduced a family of Level VI compliant external AC-DC power supplies ranging from 5 W to 36 W that feature interchangeable ac input blades.

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Image of CUI's 25A and 50A POL Modules

25 A and 50 A Digital Point-of-Load (POL) Modules

CUI Inc. has introduced a new family of 25A and 50A digital Point-of-Load DC/DC modules that deliver over 95% peak efficiency in applications employing a distributed power architecture.

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Image of CUI's Level VI Wall Plug Series

6 W to 24 W Level VI Wall Plug-In AC-DC Power Supplies

CUI's Level VI wall plug series meet tightened efficiency regulations for North American, Japanese, and European markets

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Image of CUI Inc's CDS Series, Rectangular Micro-Speakers

CDS Series, Rectangular Micro-Speakers

CUI offers the CDS micro-speaker series with numerous performance and size configurations to match a wide range of design requirements.

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Image of CUI's 3000 W Hot-Swap Power Supplies

3000 W, Hot-Swap, Front-End AC/DC Power Supplies

CUI Inc. introduces two 3000 W front-end AC/DC power supply series for mission critical (N+1) redundant applications.

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Tools & Support

Image of CUI's Efficiency Standards External Power Supplies

Efficiency Standards for External Power Supplies

This paper examines the evolution of efficiency standards and provides a summary of the current global legislation impacting external ac-dc power supplies. Learn More

Image of CUI's Designing Intelligence into Commutation Encoders

Designing Intelligence into Commutation Encoders

The benefits of encoders based on capacitive technology offer much more than just improved performance and reliability. Learn how this alternate approach to motion sensing delivers a new level of intelligence for designers utilizing rotary commutation encoders. Learn More

Image of CUI's Reliability Considerations Power Supplies

Reliability Considerations for Power Supplies

Power supplies may not have the glamour, nor get the attention that processors and displays receive, but they are just as vital to system operation. In this application note we look at reliability in power supplies, how it’s measured and how it can be improved. Learn More

Image of CUI's EMI Considerations

EMI Considerations for Switching Power Supplies

This application note examines the rules and regulations governing control of EMI, discusses types of noise generated by switching power supplies, and provides basic EMI mitigation guidance when designing a power system. Learn More

Image of CUI's Power Quick Guide

Power Quick Guide

This guide provides a quick and easy way to compare our ac-dc power supplies and dc-dc converters based on key specifications and features. Learn More

Image of CUI's Components Quick Guide

Components Quick Guide

This guide allows users to compare a range of electrical and mechanical specifications among our diverse range of connectors, buzzers, speakers and encoders. Learn More

Product Training Modules View All (20)

power supply

Energy Efficiency Standards for External Power Supplies

Duration: 10 minutes

To explain the current and future regulatory environment for external ac-dc power adapters.

Good Thermal Management

Thermal Management of Power Supplies

Duration: 20 minutes

Considerations for thermal management in design and application.

AMT31 kit

AMT31 Series Commutation Encoder

Duration: 20 minutes

Describing the functional theory of commutation encoders. Along with understanding what makes AMT31 Series revolutionary.


Power Supply Safety Standards

Duration: 10 minutes

Reviewing the power supply international safety standards, the major agencies, and regional safety marks.

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CUI 5 W Power Adapter Product Overview | Digi-Key Daily

CUI's high efficiency 5 W usb wall plug power adapters have a constant 5 volt DC output, a widely ranging 90 to 264 volt AC input, and meet level 6 efficiency standards.

Architects of Modern Power – electronica 2014

CUI Senior Vice President, Mark Adams, talks with Paul Whytock of Electronic Design Europe about the newly formed Architects of Modern Power consortium, how it differs from other consortiums and how it plans to define the future of intelligent power.

AMP Group Announces First Power Standards - EE Times

AMP Group Announces First Power Standards - EE Times

Novum® Advanced Power – electronica 2014

Mark Adams, Senior Vice President of CUI, talks with Paul Whytock of Electronic Design Europe about the increasing demand for power in the industry, the latest products from CUI's Novum® Advanced Power line and the future of digital power.

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