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- Bourns, Inc. has been leading the electronics industry in the design, manufacture and sale of electronic components and integrated solutions since its inception in 1947 by Marlan and Rosemary Bourns. As an industry innovator, Bourns targets product development at high-growth industries such as computers, telecommunications, automotive and portable electronics.


AMM20B Multiturn Rotary Position Sensor

Image of Bourns Inc's AMM20B Multiturn Rotary Position Sensor

Bourns model AMM20B non-contacting, multiturn, rotary position sensor meets the specifications of heavy-duty applications. Learn More

Circuit Protection

Image of Bourn's Circuit Protection

Bourns delivers the most comprehensive line of circuit protection technology and solutions in the industry. Learn More

Magnetic Products

Image of Bourn's Magnetic Products

Bourns provides a broad array of magnetic components and solutions to meet a variety of application needs. Learn More

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Image of Bourns' Single-Turn Trimming Potentiometer

Model PVG3 Series SMD Sealed Type Single-Turn Trimming Potentiometer

Bourns announce the model PVG3 series SMD sealed type single-turn trimming potentiometer which comes in two different pin styles.

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Image of Bourns AA Series Miniature Resettable TCO Devices

AA Series Miniature Resettable Thermal Cutoff Devices

Bourns offer their model AA series miniature resettable thermal cutoff (TCO) devices. The model AA series effectively delivers higher current overtemperature protection to make newer battery designs more reliable by controlling specified abnormal, excessive current virtually instantaneously.

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Image of Bourn's CD-MBL, CD-DF4, and CD-HD Bridge Rectifiers

CD-MBL, CD-DF4, and CD-HD Bridge Rectifiers

The Bourns model CD-MBL and model CD-DF4 bridge rectifiers are designed for converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) in power applications. The model CD-HD schottky bridge rectifiers offer low forward voltages for use in low-voltage and high-efficiency designs.

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Image of Bourns' CD0201-T20C, Surface-Mount TVS Diode

CD0201-T20C, Surface-Mount TVS Diode

The Bourns model CD0201-T20C TVS diode is compliant to IEC 61000-4-2 contact discharge ±20 kV ESD rating with an ultra-small, 0201-sized, SMD package.

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Image of Bourns TISP4011H1BJ Thyristor Surge Protector

TISP4011H1BJ Thyristor Surge Protector

Bourns introduces their TISP4011H1BJ, single, bidirectional thyristor surge protector which is an addition to the existing Bourns' part TISP40xxH1BJ series of very-low-voltage bidirectional overvoltage protectors.

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Image of Bourns RLB1112V4 Radial-Lead Inductor Series

RLB1112V4 Radial-Lead Inductor Series

Bourns is pleased to announce the introduction of their 400-V-rated, model RLB1112V4, radial-lead inductor series.

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Tools & Support

Image of Bourn's Circuit Protection

Technical Library

Bourns’ comprehensive library of design notes, white papers, application notes, technical articles and product guides and catalogs provide in-depth technology information to support your application development needs. Learn More

Image of Bourns Inc's PortNote™ Solutions/Design Kits

PortNote™ Solutions

For your convenience, Bourns offers a variety of PortNote™ solutions and design kits. Learn More

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Power Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes

Duration: 35 minutes

Use Bourn's bidirectional PTVS diodes to protect electronic equipment from damages from high energy transients on AC and DC power lines.

AMS22B Single-Turn Magnetic Position Sensor

AMS22B Single-Turn Magnetic Position Sensor

Duration: 10 minutes

Saves repair and maintenance costs and provides a reliable and longer lifetime solution compared to traditional contacting single-turn potentiometers.

FW Series Fusible Wirewound Resistors

FW Series Fusible Wirewound Resistors

Duration: 10 minutes

Unique fusing characteristics of the FW Series allow the resistor to act like a fuse and open, providing applications with protection from inrush current.

EMS22 Non-Contacting Magnetic Encoder

EMS22 Non-Contacting Magnetic Encoder

Duration: 5 minutes

A non-contacting magnetic encoder able to produce quadrature, direction/step, absolute, or pulse-width modulation output signals saving costs and space.

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Bourns CSS Series | Digi-Key Daily

The Bourns Model CSS series is a range of high-powered current sense resistors that are available in both 2-terminal and 4-terminal options.

Bourns Komatsulite Mini-Breakers | Digi-Key Daily

Bourns Komatsulite Mini-Breakers are designed for lithium polymer and prismatic cell batteries. Ideal for smart phones, notebooks, and other mobile devices.

Bourns Video Series – Communication Solutions

Bourns line driver protection solution includes the new Bourns® TISP4G overvoltage protector, specifically-designed G.Fast transformers, and a large family of Bourns® Gas Discharge Tubes.

Bourns PortNote USB Design Kit | Digi-Key Daily

Bourns PortNote USB power delivery protection solution and design kit (PN-DESIGNKIT-57) shows how Bourns power inductors, high power PPTC resettable fuses, and 3.3 V and 5.0 V TVS diode arrays all protect the DC bus and high speed data lines.

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