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B+B SmartWorx, Inc.

- B+B SmartWorx has engineered and manufactured rugged, reliable, wired & wireless, M2M connectivity products since 1981. With a legacy of over 3,000,000 wired M2M connections, 500,000 wireless M2M connections and 400,000 connected vehicles, B+B equipment already enables millions of M2M solutions.

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Image of B+B Smartworx Wzzard Condition Based Monitoring Bundles

Wzzard™ Condition-Based Monitoring Bundles

The benefits of condition-based monitoring are well known. Tracking simple, measurable parameters like temperature, vibration, and current use lets an operator monitor the health of individual machines and systems.

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Image of B&B Electronics' In-Line USB Converter USOPTL4

In-Line USB Converter USOPTL4

B+B SmartWorx's compact, isolated USB to RS-232 and USB to RS-422, and RS-485 converters allow the addition of an asynchronous serial port to a USB-only PC or other devices.

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Image of B&B Electronics' Managed Industrial PoE+ Ethernet Switches

Managed Industrial PoE+ Ethernet Switches

B+B SmartWorx's ESWGP series of industrial PoE+ Ethernet switches comply with the IEEE802.3at standards.

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Image of B&B Electronics ESWP + ESWGP Series of Industrial PoE+ Ethernet Switches

ESWP and ESWGP Series Switches

B+B SmarWorx ESWP205-1SFP-T and the ESWGP206-2SFP-T are a new series of unmanaged PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches.

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Image of B&B Electronics' WLNN-EK-DP551 Wireless Dev kit

WLNN-EK-DP551 Wireless Dev Kit

B+B SmartWorx's offers their line of highly-integrated AirborneM2M 802.11 wireless modules.

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Image of B&B Electronics' Spectre Industrial 4G/LTE Cellular Router

Spectre Industrial 4G/LTE Cellular Router

B+B SmartWorx's Spectre 4G cellular router is built for plug-and-play simplicity with extensive remote management, deployment, and customization options.

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Condition Based Monitoring for Industrial Systems

An aggregate producer wanted a Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) system that could monitor the motors in real time and apply data analytics to detect changes in motor behavior before they developed into major problems.

Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switches Product Introduction

Stan Simmons, B&B Electronics, Ethernet Product Manager, showcases the ESW100 and ESW200 5 and 8 Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switches. Compact size, flexible mounting options, easy to install.

The APXG Robust Wi-Fi Ethernet Bridge, Router and Serial Device Server from B&B Electronics

Mike Fahrion, Director of Product Management at B&B Electronics, introduces the APXG a robust Wi-Fi Ethernet bridge, router and serial device server.

UH104 Four Port Industrial USB 2.0 Hub

The UH104 is a compact, Industrial Grade Four Port USB 2.0 Hub with High Retention USB connectors that work with standard USB cables to ensure a tight connection in high vibration applications.