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Analog Devices, Inc.

- Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) defines innovation and excellence in signal processing. ADI's analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (IC) play a fundamental role in converting, conditioning, and processing real-world phenomena such as light, sound, temperature, motion, and pressure into electrical signals to be used in a wide array of electronic equipment. ADI is synonymous with high performance among electronics manufacturers and we collaborate with our customers to define the very best in the quality of the user experience. That means the clearest image, crispest sound, and optimum interface, size and performance in thousands of entertainment, medical, communications, industrial and other applications.

Analog Devices, Inc. has completed its acquisition of Hittite Microwave Corporation. Hittite will be part of ADI’s RF and Microwave Group (RFMG).

Precision Signal Conditioning Solutions

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Analog Devices' Precision Signal Conditioning solutions give designers the ability to tackle the toughest design challenges. Learn More

High Frequency Wideband Components

ADI Wideband Simplification

In today’s world millions of terabytes of data traffic is driven each day across millions of devices. Learn More

Data Converters

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As the world's leading provider of data converters, Analog Devices, Inc. offers the industry’s largest portfolio of precision and high-speed A/D and D/A converters. Learn More

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Featured Products

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Selecting an op-amp is no trivial task: with so many different types of amplifiers, categories, architectures, and parameters to choose from, the process can be difficult. Each customer and application requires slightly different performance. Learn More

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Image of Analog Devices' ADRF6780 Wideband Upconverter

ADRF6780 6 GHz to 24 GHz Wideband Upconverter

Analog Devices’ wideband microwave upconverters are optimized for a variety of uses, and operates in the 5.9 GHz to 23.6 GHz frequency range.

Learn More
Image of Analog Devices' AD7761 ADC

AD7761 8-Channel, 16-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)

Analog Devices' AD7761 ADC offers eight channels and simultaneous sampling sigma-delta and has the ability to synchronize sampling of ac and dc signals.

Learn More
Image of ADI's AD93xx / AD9680 Transceivers and ADCs

AD9361 / AD9364 / AD9371 / AD9680 Transceivers and ADCs

ADI’s SDR solutions provide a radio platform for today and for the future by combining a radio frequency (RF)-to-baseband transceiver PHY and a digital processor.

Learn More
Image of ADI's AD6684 Frequency Receiver

AD6684 135 MHz Quad Intermediate Frequency IF Receiver

ADI's AD6684 is a high precision receiver with four 14-bit, 500 MSPS analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).

Learn More
Image of ADI's SSM3582Z Evaluation Board

SSM3515/SSM3582 Class D Audio Amplifiers

ADI's SSM3515/SSM3582 series of fully integrated, high efficiency, digital input stereo Class-D audio amplifiers.

Learn More
Image of ADI's AD9530 clock generator evaluation board

AD9530 / AD9531 Clock Generators

ADI’s AD9530 / AD9531 clock generators with single and three phase lock loop (PLL) cores.

Learn More

Tools & Support

Image of Analog Devices Circuits from the Lab

Circuits from the Lab

Circuits from the Lab ® Reference Designs are commonly used as standalone solutions, or to build more complex circuits and subsystems. Learn More

CAEM Thumnail

Chemical Analysis and Environmental Monitoring

Analog Devices, Inc. offer a broad range of low-power, high-performance IC solutions for portable and benchtop chemical analyzers. Learn More

ADI Test & Instrumentation Thumbnail

Test and Instrumentation

Whether you are designing for rack-mounted or hand-held equipment, Analog Devices, Inc. has the applications expertise and broad product portfolio to enable your designs. Learn More

Analog Devices RF Solutions

RF Solutions

Analog Devices RF/IF IC's cover the entire RF signal chain, meeting all of your RF system design needs with over 1,000 products. Learn More

Product Training Modules View All (62)

RF Amplifiers Improving Gain with Matching

RF Amplifiers Improving Gain with Matching

Duration: 5 minutes

Demonstrate how to determine the gain improvement in RF amplifiers by using input and output port matching.

Receive and Transmit VGAs

Receive and Transmit VGAs

Duration: 5 minutes

Variable gain amps are required in radio transmitters and receivers for a number of performance optimization reasons.

RF Mixer

Improving RF Mixer Performance with Image Rejection Techniques

Duration: 10 minutes

This presentation will cover how to improve mixer performance by using Image Rejection Techniques.

Common Photodiode Op-Amp Circuit Problems

Common Photodiode Op-Amp Circuit Problems and Solutions

Duration: 10 minutes

Discussion of common problems that are experienced in photodiode op-am circuits as well as a selection of op-amp offerings and solutions from ADI.

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Module Design and Production Capabilities

This short video will illustrate the comprehensive and unique manufacturing and test capabilities of Analog Devices ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified facility located in Chelmsford, Massachussetts.

Single-Chip solution for Dolby Atmos AV Receivers

This video shows Analog Devices ADSP-21573 receiving Dolby Atmos content from a blu-ray player and outputting to a 5.1.2 speaker configuration.

Multiparameter Wearable Vital Signs Monitoring Platform

Analog Devices vital signs monitoring wearable platform provides a variety of high quality biomedical signals including ECG, PPG, bioimpedance, temperature, and accelerometry to enable development of biomedical applications.

Reducing Challenges in the Precision Conversion Design Cycle

Learn about ADI's latest high-precision SAR ADC-based data acquisition subsystem that provides an industry-leading combination of performance, small size, and low power consumption, all while being easier-to-use than traditional solutions.

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