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- ams (SIX: AMS) develops and manufactures high-performance analog semiconductors that solve its customers’ most challenging problems with innovative solutions. ams’ products are aimed at applications which require extreme precision, accuracy, dynamic range, sensitivity, and ultra-low power consumption. ams’ product range includes sensors, sensor interfaces, power management ICs, and wireless ICs for customers in the consumer, industrial, medical, mobile communications, and automotive markets. ams’ headquarters are in Premstaetten near Graz, Austria. Key research and development facilities are based in Austria, in Plano/Texas (USA), a center of excellence in optical sensors, and in 16 other design centers worldwide. Employing around 2,100 people in over 20 countries, ams operates direct sales offices in all major regions of the world.

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Image of ams/DFRobot's TCS3200 RGB Color Sensor Breakout Board

TCS3200 RGB Color Sensor Breakout Board

DFRobot combined ams' RGB sensor chip and four white LEDs into a breakout board for industrial process and RGB LED control, and medical diagnostic equipment.

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Image of ams' AS72xx Smart Daylighting Managers/Directors

AS72xx Smart Daylighting Managers and Directors

ams' AS7211 is a networking-enabled smart lighting manager with an embedded, digital ambient light sensor (ALS).

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Image of ams TDC-GPX Time to Digital Converter

TDC-GPX Time to Digital Converter

ams’ time to digital TDC-GPX converters come in single-, quad-, and eight-channel options that will cover most time measurement applications.

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Image of ams' AS5311 Linear Sensor

AS5311 Linear Sensor

ams offers its AS5311, high-performance position sensors suitable for industrial, medical, robotics, automotive, and consumer applications.

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Image of ams' AS6200 Digital Temperature Sensors

AS6200 Digital Temperature Sensors

ams' AS6200 ICs are high accuracy digital temperature sensor systems consisting of a Si bandgap temperature sensor, an ADC, and a digital signal processor.

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Image of ams' AS5510 Linear Sensor

AS5510 Linear Sensor

ams' AS5510 is an absolute position sensor for linear applications with short strokes (0.5 mm to 2 mm) based on contactless magnetic sensor technology.

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AS5047P High Resolution Rotary Position Sensor

Duration: 10 minutes

Featuring higher rotation speeds and higher resolution incremental outputs, the AS5047P is an angular on-axis rotary position sensor.

AMS AS5600


Duration: 10 minutes

The AS5600 is suitable for all devices with a rotating knobs and is ideal for a wide range of applications and markets.

AMS AS5600

AS5601 Magnetic Position Sensor

Duration: 10 minutes

The AS5601 is suitable for all devices with a rotating knobs and is ideal for a wide range of applications and markets.

Magnetic Rotary Position Sensors

AS516x and AS526x Magnetic Rotary Position Sensors for Automotive Applications

Duration: 10 minutes

Designed for automotive applications, ams utilizes proprietary differential-input technology which is immune to stray magnetic fields.

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Color Scanning Made Easy! ams AS7261 Spectral Sensor

The ams AS7261 Spectral Sensor performs XYZ Tri-stimulus CIE color analysis. This video demonstrates the handheld Node Chroma wireless color scanner that uses an AS7261.

ams AS6200 Digital Temperature Sensors | Digi-Key Daily

ams' AS6200 ICs are high-accuracy temperature sensor systems that are easy to integrate and use.

AMS Franklin Lightning Sensor | Digi-Key Daily

The AS3935 Franklin Lightning sensor from ams safely detects lightning up to 40km away and accurately estimates a storm's distance to the nearest km.

ams AS6200 Temperature Sensor

This video explains ams’ best in-class digital temperature sensor family. For a number of applications the awareness of temperature is a new feature offering additional functionality and value.

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