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- Ametherm is a leading manufacturer of Power Thermistors. Ametherm offers the highest rated steady state current rating as well as highest rated energy handling capability offered in the market. Their excellent long-term stability and rugged structure makes them ideally suited for limiting Inrush current in the motors (1/3 HP to 3.0 HP range), medical (Power supplies, MRI), Security systems (X-Ray machines), transformers (up to 8.0 KVA), telecom (Power supplies up to 4000 watt out put power) and motor drives, in the most cost effective method.

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Image of Ametherm's MS35/MS32/MS22 MegaSurge Inrush Current Limiters

MegaSurge Inrush Current Limiters

Ametherm MegaSurge inrush current limiters are specially designed to withstand up to 50 amps of seady state current and 900 joules of input energy.

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Image of Ametherm's AS Series Inrush Current Limiters

AS Series Inrush Current Limiters

Ametherm's AS series of inrush current limiters are designed to protect your components from damaging levels of inrush current at start up.

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NTC Thermistor

Choosing NTC Thermistor for Inrush Current Limiting: Capacitive Applications

Duration: 5 minutes

The selection of NTC thermistors for inrush current limiting on capacitive applications.

Battery Precharge schematic

Battery Precharge Overview

Duration: 5 minutes

Inrush current problems in battery circuits explained and a precharge circuit to limit inrush current with Ametherm Thermistor.

NTC Thermistor Transformer Protection

Describing Transformer Protection from Inrush Current Using the NTC Thermistors

Duration: 5 minutes

Ametherm provides a problem statement describing the inrush current situation, then provides selection criteria to help chose the correct NTC.

Inrush Current Limiter

Inrush Current Limiters Overview

Duration: 5 minutes

ICLs are the most common design option to prevent damage caused by inrush current surges. Quality product at little added cost to the customers board.

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ACCU-CURVE™ Precision Interchangeable Thermistors

Learn about ACCU-CURVE™ style thermistors and their applications.

What's an NTC Thermistor?

Learn the basics about an NTC thermistor in just 60 seconds.

Limiting Inrush Current for a 40VA Transformer

Inrush current often causes problems for transformers. This video will show you how to calculate the right inrush current limiter for your transformer in 7 simple steps.



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