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Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.

- Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions from analysis and testing to final production. ATS provides a wide range of air and liquid cooling solutions, laboratory-quality thermal instrumentation, along with thermal design consulting services and training.

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Image of Advanced Thermal Solutions' Liquid-to-Air Heat Exchangers

Tube-to-Fin, Liquid-to-Air Heat Exchangers

ATS’ tube-to-fin, liquid-to-air heat exchangers are made with the industry's highest density fins to maximize the heat transfer from liquid to air and are designed for high-performance thermal management applications.

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Image of ATS' Liquid Chiller Series

Liquid Chiller Series

ATS’ portable chiller series are re-circulating chillers are vapor-compression based systems that provide chilled fluid for cooling purposes.

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Image of ATS' Power Brick Heat Sink

Brick Heat Sinks

ATS’ power brick heat sinks are specifically designed to cool eighth, quarter, half, and full brick size DC/DC converters.

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Image of  ATS Extrusion Profile Heat Sinks

Extrusion Profile Heat Sinks

ATS aluminum extrusions are cost-effective profiles that enable engineers to design from a pre-tooled extrusion profile for the cooling solution.

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Image of Advanced Thermal Solutions' Stamped Heat Sinks for TO Packages

Stamped Heat Sinks for TO Packages

ATS has introduced its stamped heat sinks, or board level cooling solutions, specifically designed to cool power modules that come in a variety of TO packages.

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Image of ATS' Round and Flat Copper Heat Pipes

Round and Flat Copper Heat Pipes

Copper heat pipes from Advanced Thermal Solutions offer high thermal conductivity and are available in round or flat styles.

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Image of ATS Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers

Duration: 5 minutes

This module will review the features and benefits of Heat Exchangers, the performance advantages, available sizes and applications.

Introduction to the Chiller Series

Introduction to the Chiller Series

Duration: 10 minutes

To identify and highlight the different liquid cooling chiller series that are available to meet the customer’s application needs.

maxiFLOW Power Brick Heat Sink

maxiFLOW Power Brick Heat Sink Technology

Duration: 5 minutes

ATS’s power brick heat sinks are engineered to create minimum pressure drop and maximize fin surface area

Heat Pipes

Introduction to Heat Pipes

Duration: 10 minutes

ATS Heat Pipes Operation, Shapes, Sizes, and Possible Applications

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How to Apply Thermal Interface Material: Thermal Tape

ATS demonstrates the correct way to apply thermal tape or single sided adhesive thermal interface material to a heat sink.

DC to DC Converters and Power Brick Heat Sinks

John O'Day of Advanced Thermal Solutions sits down with Peter Resca to discuss power brick DC-DC power converters which are an essential part of PCB design and their performance requires a stable temperature for optimum performance.

iQ-200 Test Instrument Overview

Advanced Thermal Solutions, ATS, has introduced the iQ-200™ system for measuring air velocity, temperature and pressure at the same time using a single instrument.

ATVS-2020 Test Instrument Overview

Dr. Kaveh Azar discusses the ATVS-2020 Temperature & Velocity Measurement System offered from ATS.