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ACL Staticide

- Since the early days in 1969, ACL has been manufacturing and marketing anti-static products and office/computer cleaning and maintenance products. ACL Staticide markets through distributors, wholesalers, dealers, mail order houses and other specialty retailers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and 33 countries worldwide. The company has focused on the specialized needs of the electronics, plastics and other high-tech industries along with the needs of office and computer users.


Custom ESD Mats

Image of ACL Staticide Custom ESD Mats

Improve your workspace with ACL Staticide’s custom mats. Each custom-cut Dualmat, Gemini, and SpecMat-H allows for a large range of sizes, special corner treatments, two female 10 mm snaps and no minimum quantity. Learn More

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Image of SpecMat-H Family Mat and Runner

SpecMat-H Mats and Runners Family

ACL Staticide's SpecMat-H, static-dissipative, homogeneous work surface is a single-layer, ESD-safe, thermoplastic vinyl that is inherently dissipative throughout.

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Image of ACL Staticide's 8640 Staticide® Turbo Blast Duster

8640 Staticide® Turbo Blast Duster

ACL Staticide's Turbo Blast precision duster is an economical, high-precision duster with a bigger blast for electronic cleaning applications.

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Image of ACL Staticide Inc.'s Mighty Mask

Mighty Mask Peelable Solder Masking Agent

ACL Staticide offers their temporary masking agent designed for a variety of electronics-manufacturing applications.

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Image of ACL Staticide's Staticide


ACL's Staticide is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, topical anti-static solution for highly effective, long-term static control.

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Image of ACL Staticide's Dualmat


ACL Staticide's Dualmat™ static-dissipative work surface material features embossed finish, .080" thickness, and .05 second decay time.

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Anti Static Spray

Anti-Static Topical Liquids and Static Dissipative Coatings

Duration: 5 minutes

Compare advantages and benefits of anti-static topical liquids and dissipative coatings to understand how to select the appropriate product for an application.

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ACL Staticide 8624 A4 All Purpose Flux Remover & Cleaner

An environmentally friendly, extra strength solvent that eliminates residues and layers of encrusted baked-on fluxes.

ACL Staticide Turbo Blast Precision Duster

ACL Staticide's 8640 Turbo Blast is an Ozone-safe, non-flammable, microscopically clean, moisture-free precision duster. Filtered to 0.2 microns, Turbo Blast is 100% ultra-pure HFC-134a and leaves no residue.

Understanding Flux Removers with ACL Staticide

Successfully removing flux residue can mean the difference between a functioning circuit board and a piece of trash. In this "On the Bench" video, Steve Allen, of ACL Staticide, explains the purposes of flux removes and gives a quick demonstration.

ACL Staticide Product Overview

An overview of ACL Products from the 2014 APEX Expo in Las Vegas

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