Spartan-3 IC FPGA 63 I/O 100VQFP

Spartan-3 Generation

Xilinx Inc

This tutorial will cover the Spartan-3 family and the features associated with it that enable designing a system for the lowest cost and reduced board space.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
XC3S50-4VQG100C datasheet linkIC FPGA 63 I/O 100VQFPXC3S50-4VQG100CIC FPGA 63 I/O 100VQFP450 - Immediate
XC3S50-4VQG100C product page link
XC3S100E-4VQG100C datasheet linkIC FPGA 66 I/O 100VQFPXC3S100E-4VQG100CIC FPGA 66 I/O 100VQFP331 - Immediate
XC3S100E-4VQG100C product page link
XC3S100E-4TQG144C datasheet linkIC FPGA 108 I/O 144TQFPXC3S100E-4TQG144CIC FPGA 108 I/O 144TQFP186 - Immediate
XC3S100E-4TQG144C product page link
XC3S200-4PQG208C datasheet linkIC FPGA 141 I/O 208QFPXC3S200-4PQG208CIC FPGA 141 I/O 208QFP729 - Immediate
XC3S200-4PQG208C product page link
XC3S250E-4PQG208C datasheet linkIC FPGA 158 I/O 208QFPXC3S250E-4PQG208CIC FPGA 158 I/O 208QFP308 - Immediate
XC3S250E-4PQG208C product page link
XC3S400-4PQG208C datasheet linkIC FPGA 141 I/O 208QFPXC3S400-4PQG208CIC FPGA 141 I/O 208QFP639 - Immediate
XC3S400-4PQG208C product page link
XC3S200-4FTG256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 173 I/O 256FTBGAXC3S200-4FTG256CIC FPGA 173 I/O 256FTBGA222 - Immediate
XC3S200-4FTG256C product page link
XC3S400-4FTG256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 173 I/O 256FTBGAXC3S400-4FTG256CIC FPGA 173 I/O 256FTBGA2195 - Immediate
XC3S400-4FTG256C product page link
XC3S500E-4PQG208C datasheet linkIC FPGA 158 I/O 208QFPXC3S500E-4PQG208CIC FPGA 158 I/O 208QFP647 - Immediate
XC3S500E-4PQG208C product page link
XC3S500E-4FTG256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 190 I/O 256FTBGAXC3S500E-4FTG256CIC FPGA 190 I/O 256FTBGA408 - Immediate
XC3S500E-4FTG256C product page link
XC3S1000-4FTG256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 173 I/O 256FTBGAXC3S1000-4FTG256CIC FPGA 173 I/O 256FTBGA234 - Immediate
XC3S1000-4FTG256C product page link
XC3S400-4FGG456C datasheet linkIC FPGA 264 I/O 456FBGAXC3S400-4FGG456CIC FPGA 264 I/O 456FBGA423 - Immediate
XC3S400-4FGG456C product page link
XC3S1000-4FGG456C datasheet linkIC FPGA 333 I/O 456FBGAXC3S1000-4FGG456CIC FPGA 333 I/O 456FBGA180 - Immediate
XC3S1000-4FGG456C product page link
XC3S1600E-4FGG320C datasheet linkIC FPGA 250 I/O 320FBGAXC3S1600E-4FGG320CIC FPGA 250 I/O 320FBGA139 - Immediate
XC3S1600E-4FGG320C product page link
XC3S500E-4CPG132C datasheet linkIC FPGA 92 I/O 132CSBGAXC3S500E-4CPG132CIC FPGA 92 I/O 132CSBGA191 - Immediate
XC3S500E-4CPG132C product page link
XC3S1200E-4FGG400C datasheet linkIC FPGA 304 I/O 400FBGAXC3S1200E-4FGG400CIC FPGA 304 I/O 400FBGA83 - Immediate
XC3S1200E-4FGG400C product page link
XC3S200-4TQG144C datasheet linkIC FPGA 97 I/O 144TQFPXC3S200-4TQG144CIC FPGA 97 I/O 144TQFP22 - Immediate
XC3S200-4TQG144C product page link
XC3S1200E-4FGG320C datasheet linkIC FPGA 250 I/O 320FBGAXC3S1200E-4FGG320CIC FPGA 250 I/O 320FBGA88 - Immediate
XC3S1200E-4FGG320C product page link
XC3S250E-4FTG256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 172 I/O 256FTBGAXC3S250E-4FTG256CIC FPGA 172 I/O 256FTBGA21 - Immediate
XC3S250E-4FTG256C product page link
XC3S1600E-4FGG400C datasheet linkIC FPGA 304 I/O 400FBGAXC3S1600E-4FGG400CIC FPGA 304 I/O 400FBGA3 - Immediate
XC3S1600E-4FGG400C product page link
XC3S100E-4CPG132C datasheet linkIC FPGA 83 I/O 132CSBGAXC3S100E-4CPG132CIC FPGA 83 I/O 132CSBGA0XC3S100E-4CPG132C product page link
XC3S250E-4CPG132C datasheet linkIC FPGA 92 I/O 132CSBGAXC3S250E-4CPG132CIC FPGA 92 I/O 132CSBGA0XC3S250E-4CPG132C product page link
XC3S1500-4FGG456C datasheet linkIC FPGA 333 I/O 456FBGAXC3S1500-4FGG456CIC FPGA 333 I/O 456FBGA0XC3S1500-4FGG456C product page link
XC3S1000-4FGG676C datasheet linkIC FPGA 391 I/O 676FBGAXC3S1000-4FGG676CIC FPGA 391 I/O 676FBGA0XC3S1000-4FGG676C product page link
XC3S1500-4FGG676C datasheet linkIC FPGA 487 I/O 676FBGAXC3S1500-4FGG676CIC FPGA 487 I/O 676FBGA0XC3S1500-4FGG676C product page link
PTM Published on: 2006-08-16