Spartan 3A IC FPGA 68 I/O 100VQFP

Extended Spartan® 3A FPGA Family

Xilinx Inc

The purpose of this training module is to provide an introduction to the low cost Spartan 3A FPGA family, and explain its advantages in low-cost, high-volume applications.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
XC3S50A-4VQG100CIC FPGA 68 I/O 100VQFP2994 - Immediate
XC3S50A-4VQG100IIC FPGA 68 I/O 100VQFP146 - Immediate
XC3S50A-4TQG144CIC FPGA 108 I/O 144TQFP361 - Immediate
XC3S50AN-4TQG144CIC FPGA 108 I/O 144TQFP937 - Immediate
XC3S50AN-4TQG144IIC FPGA 108 I/O 144TQFP376 - Immediate
XC3S50AN-5TQG144CIC FPGA 108 I/O 144TQFP140 - Immediate
XC3S200A-4VQG100CIC FPGA 68 I/O 100VQFP1351 - Immediate
XC3S50-4TQG144IIC FPGA 97 I/O 144TQFP300 - Immediate
XC3S200A-4VQG100IIC FPGA 68 I/O 100VQFP572 - Immediate
XC3S200A-4FTG256CIC FPGA 195 I/O 256FTBGA701 - Immediate
XC3S200A-4FTG256IIC FPGA 195 I/O 256FTBGA406 - Immediate
XC3S200A-4FGG320CIC FPGA 248 I/O 320FBGA863 - Immediate
XC3S400A-4FTG256CIC FPGA 195 I/O 256FTBGA466 - Immediate
XC3S200AN-4FTG256CIC FPGA 195 I/O 256FTBGA1635 - Immediate
XC3S200AN-4FTG256IIC FPGA 195 I/O 256FTBGA685 - Immediate
XC3S400A-4FTG256IIC FPGA 195 I/O 256FTBGA101 - Immediate
XC3S400A-4FGG320CIC FPGA 251 I/O 320FBGA208 - Immediate
XC3S400-4TQG144CIC FPGA 97 I/O 144TQFP263 - Immediate
XC3S200AN-5FTG256CIC FPGA 195 I/O 256FTBGA166 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2009-06-04