External Adapters Overview

Volgen America/Kaga Electronics USA

This tutorial will cover external wall and desktop adapters, their differences, their advantages, Energy Star level V efficiency criteria and the available product line from Kaga Electronics/Volgen.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionRegion UtilizedFormInput TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
KTPS10-05020WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 5V 10WNorth AmericaWall MountFixed Blade1234 - Immediate
KTPS10-12010WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 12V 12WNorth AmericaWall MountFixed Blade508 - Immediate
KTPS24-05040WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 5V 20WNorth AmericaWall MountMulti-Blade558 - Immediate
KTPS24-12020WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 12V 24WNorth AmericaWall MountMulti-Blade290 - Immediate
KTPS24-24010WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 24V 24WNorth AmericaWall MountMulti-Blade273 - Immediate
KTPS24-24010MPAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 24V 24WInternationalWall MountMulti-Blade492 - Immediate
KTPS24-05040MPAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 5V 20WInternationalWall MountMulti-Blade488 - Immediate
KTPS24-12020MPAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 12V 24WInternationalWall MountMulti-Blade419 - Immediate
KTPS10-24005WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 24V 12WNorth AmericaWall MountFixed Blade853 - Immediate
KTPS10-09012WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 9V 11WNorth AmericaWall MountFixed Blade645 - Immediate
KTPS10-03320WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 3.3V 7WNorth AmericaWall MountFixed Blade619 - Immediate
KTPS24-09025MPAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 9V 23WInternationalWall MountMulti-Blade1059 - Immediate
KTPS24-0540DT 2PAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 5V 20WInternationalDesktop (Class II)Cord (Sold Separately)108 - Immediate
KTPS10-06020WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 6V 12WNorth AmericaWall MountFixed Blade317 - Immediate
KTPS10-15008WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 15V 12WNorth AmericaWall MountFixed Blade208 - Immediate
KTPS24-09025WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 9V 23WNorth AmericaWall MountMulti-Blade144 - Immediate
KTPS24-06035MPAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 6V 21WInternationalWall MountMulti-Blade285 - Immediate
KTPS24-2410DT 2PAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 24V 24WInternationalDesktop (Class II)Cord (Sold Separately)297 - Immediate
KTPS10-0452WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 4.5V 9WNorth AmericaWall MountFixed Blade83 - Immediate
KTPS24-1220DT 2PAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 12V 24WInternationalDesktop (Class II)Cord (Sold Separately)84 - Immediate
KTPS24-15016WAAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 15V 24WNorth AmericaWall MountMulti-Blade0
KTPS24-15016MPAC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 15V 24WInternationalWall MountMulti-Blade0
KTPS24-0925DT 2PAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 9V 23WInternationalDesktop (Class II)Cord (Sold Separately)0
KTPS24-1516DT 2PAC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 15V 24WInternationalDesktop (Class II)Cord (Sold Separately)0
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PTM Published on: 2011-03-11