CAP CER 1000PF 50V 10% X7R 0402

Non-Magnetic MLCC for Medical Electronics


This module will explain how ferromagnetic materials used in capacitors can cause harmful interference in some medical electronics applications. The objectives are to explain why electromagnetic susceptibility is important in medical MRI circuitry. This module will then review the construction of surface mount MLCC capacitors and the associated ferromagnetic materials that are present in them. Finally, it will introduce Vishay’s non-magnetic MLCC solutions.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCapacitanceToleranceAvailable Quantity
VJ0402Y102KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 1000PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y102KNAAJCAP CER 1000PF 50V X7R 04021000pF±10%26472 - Immediate
VJ0402Y102KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y103KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 10000PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y103KNAAJCAP CER 10000PF 50V X7R 040210000pF±10%73423 - Immediate
VJ0402Y103KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A100JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 10PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A100JNAAJCAP CER 10PF 50V NP0 040210pF±5%7322 - Immediate
VJ0402A100JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y471KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 470PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y471KNAAJCAP CER 470PF 50V X7R 0402470pF±10%2896 - Immediate
VJ0402Y471KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y392KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 3900PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y392KNAAJCAP CER 3900PF 50V X7R 04023900pF±10%5456 - Immediate
VJ0402Y392KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y222KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 2200PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y222KNAAJCAP CER 2200PF 50V X7R 04022200pF±10%2105 - Immediate
VJ0402Y222KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y332KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 3300PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y332KNAAJCAP CER 3300PF 50V X7R 04023300pF±10%2494 - Immediate
VJ0402Y332KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A330JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 33PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A330JNAAJCAP CER 33PF 50V NP0 040233pF±5%38391 - Immediate
VJ0402A330JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A470JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 47PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A470JNAAJCAP CER 47PF 50V NP0 040247pF±5%11633 - Immediate
VJ0402A470JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A180JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 18PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A180JNAAJCAP CER 18PF 50V NP0 040218pF±5%8987 - Immediate
VJ0402A180JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A220JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 22PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A220JNAAJCAP CER 22PF 50V NP0 040222pF±5%7150 - Immediate
VJ0402A220JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A101JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 100PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A101JNAAJCAP CER 100PF 50V NP0 0402100pF±5%6112 - Immediate
VJ0402A101JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A390JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 39PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A390JNAAJCAP CER 39PF 50V NP0 040239pF±5%6086 - Immediate
VJ0402A390JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A150JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 15PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A150JNAAJCAP CER 15PF 50V NP0 040215pF±5%4293 - Immediate
VJ0402A150JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A181JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 180PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A181JNAAJCAP CER 180PF 50V NP0 0402180pF±5%3187 - Immediate
VJ0402A181JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A3R9CNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 3.9PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A3R9CNAAJCAP CER 3.9PF 50V NP0 04023.9pF±0.25pF16555 - Immediate
VJ0402A3R9CNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A4R7CNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 4.7PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A4R7CNAAJCAP CER 4.7PF 50V NP0 04024.7pF±0.25pF8030 - Immediate
VJ0402A4R7CNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A120JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 12PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A120JNAAJCAP CER 12PF 50V NP0 040212pF±5%2491 - Immediate
VJ0402A120JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A8R2CNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 8.2PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A8R2CNAAJCAP CER 8.2PF 50V NP0 04028.2pF±0.25pF4365 - Immediate
VJ0402A8R2CNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A2R2CNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 2.2PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A2R2CNAAJCAP CER 2.2PF 50V NP0 04022.2pF±0.25pF2531 - Immediate
VJ0402A2R2CNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A820JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 82PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A820JNAAJCAP CER 82PF 50V NP0 040282pF±5%935 - Immediate
VJ0402A820JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A2R7CNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 2.7PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A2R7CNAAJCAP CER 2.7PF 50V NP0 04022.7pF±0.25pF297 - Immediate
VJ0402A2R7CNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A3R3CNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 3.3PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A3R3CNAAJCAP CER 3.3PF 50V NP0 04023.3pF±0.25pF2272 - Immediate
VJ0402A3R3CNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y182KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 1800PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y182KNAAJCAP CER 1800PF 50V X7R 04021800pF±10%1239 - Immediate
VJ0402Y182KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y472KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 4700PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y472KNAAJCAP CER 4700PF 50V X7R 04024700pF±10%1817 - Immediate
VJ0402Y472KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y562KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 5600PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y562KNAAJCAP CER 5600PF 50V X7R 04025600pF±10%1055 - Immediate
VJ0402Y562KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A560JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 56PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A560JNAAJCAP CER 56PF 50V NP0 040256pF±5%1391 - Immediate
VJ0402A560JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A270JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 27PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A270JNAAJCAP CER 27PF 50V NP0 040227pF±5%1378 - Immediate
VJ0402A270JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A1R8CNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 1.8PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A1R8CNAAJCAP CER 1.8PF 50V NP0 04021.8pF±0.25pF1484 - Immediate
VJ0402A1R8CNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A6R8CNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 6.8PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A6R8CNAAJCAP CER 6.8PF 50V NP0 04026.8pF±0.25pF1106 - Immediate
VJ0402A6R8CNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A5R6CNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 5.6PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A5R6CNAAJCAP CER 5.6PF 50V NP0 04025.6pF±0.25pF1000 - Immediate
VJ0402A5R6CNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y271KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 270PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y271KNAAJCAP CER 270PF 50V X7R 0402270pF±10%723 - Immediate
VJ0402Y271KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y391KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 390PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y391KNAAJCAP CER 390PF 50V X7R 0402390pF±10%124 - Immediate
VJ0402Y391KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y561KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 560PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y561KNAAJCAP CER 560PF 50V X7R 0402560pF±10%122 - Immediate
VJ0402Y561KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y272KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 2700PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y272KNAAJCAP CER 2700PF 50V X7R 04022700pF±10%545 - Immediate
VJ0402Y272KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y682KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 6800PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y682KNAAJCAP CER 6800PF 50V X7R 04026800pF±10%881 - Immediate
VJ0402Y682KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y822KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 8200PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y822KNAAJCAP CER 8200PF 50V X7R 04028200pF±10%928 - Immediate
VJ0402Y822KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y821KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 820PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y821KNAAJCAP CER 820PF 50V X7R 0402820pF±10%642 - Immediate
VJ0402Y821KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y221KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 220PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y221KNAAJCAP CER 220PF 50V X7R 0402220pF±10%503 - Immediate
VJ0402Y221KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y681KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 680PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y681KNAAJCAP CER 680PF 50V X7R 0402680pF±10%147 - Immediate
VJ0402Y681KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A121JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 120PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A121JNAAJCAP CER 120PF 50V NP0 0402120pF±5%875 - Immediate
VJ0402A121JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A680JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 68PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A680JNAAJCAP CER 68PF 50V NP0 040268pF±5%632 - Immediate
VJ0402A680JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402A151JNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 150PF 50V NP0 0402VJ0402A151JNAAJCAP CER 150PF 50V NP0 0402150pF±5%486 - Immediate
VJ0402A151JNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y331KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 330PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y331KNAAJCAP CER 330PF 50V X7R 0402330pF±10%0VJ0402Y331KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y122KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 1200PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y122KNAAJCAP CER 1200PF 50V X7R 04021200pF±10%60 - Immediate
VJ0402Y122KNAAJ product page link
VJ0402Y152KNAAJ datasheet linkCAP CER 1500PF 50V X7R 0402VJ0402Y152KNAAJCAP CER 1500PF 50V X7R 04021500pF±10%0VJ0402Y152KNAAJ product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-11-11