NOMCA Series Precision Thin Film Automotive Qualified Resistor Network

Vishay/Thin Film

This module will provide an overview of the NOMCA series available from Vishay.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCircuit TypeResistance (Ohms)Available QuantityBuy Now
NOMCA16031001AT5RES ARRAY 1K OHM 8 RES 16SOICIsolated1k1191 - Immediate
NOMCA14031002AT5RES ARRAY 10K OHM 7 RES 14SOICIsolated10k830 - Immediate
NOMCA16035001AT5RES ARRAY 5K OHM 8 RES 16SOICIsolated5k70 - Immediate
NOMCA14032001AT5RES ARRAY 2K OHM 7 RES 14SOICIsolated2k0
NOMCA14035001AT5RES ARRAY 5K OHM 7 RES 14SOICIsolated5k0
NOMCA14032002AT5RES ARRAY 20K OHM 7 RES 14SOICIsolated20k0
NOMCA14035002AT5RES ARRAY 50K OHM 7 RES 14SOICIsolated50k0
NOMCA14031001AT5RES ARRAY 1K OHM 7 RES 14SOICIsolated1k0
NOMCA16032002AT5RES ARRAY 20K OHM 8 RES 16SOICIsolated20k0
NOMCA16035002AT5RES ARRAY 50K OHM 8 RES 16SOICIsolated50k0
NOMCA16032001AT5RES ARRAY 2K OHM 8 RES 16SOICIsolated2k0
NOMCA16031002AT5RES ARRAY 10K OHM 8 RES 16SOICIsolated10k0
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PTM Published on: 2012-05-07