CAP TANT 100UF 30V 10% 0803

M34 M35 Surface Mount Wet Tantalum Capacitors


In this tutorial, the features and benefits of the M34 and M35 series will be discussed. Potential applications will be reviewed along with design considerations and target markets for surface mount tantalum capacitors.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCapacitanceToleranceAvailable Quantity
M34C476K060BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 47UF 60V 10% SMDM34C476K060BZSSCAP TANT 47UF 60V 10% SMDBulk47µF±10%171 - Immediate
M34C476K060BZSS product page link
M34C336K075BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 33UF 75V 10% SMDM34C336K075BZSSCAP TANT 33UF 75V 10% SMDBulk33µF±10%84 - Immediate
M34C336K075BZSS product page link
M35C106K100BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 10UF 100V 10% 0803M35C106K100BZSSCAP TANT 10UF 100V 10% 0803Bulk10µF±10%90 - Immediate
M35C106K100BZSS product page link
M34C107K030BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 100UF 30V 10% SMDM34C107K030BZSSCAP TANT 100UF 30V 10% SMDBulk100µF±10%41 - Immediate
M34C107K030BZSS product page link
M34C156K100BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 15UF 100V 10% SMDM34C156K100BZSSCAP TANT 15UF 100V 10% SMDBulk15µF±10%21 - Immediate
M34C156K100BZSS product page link
M35C106K050BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 10UF 50V 10% 0803M35C106K050BZSSCAP TANT 10UF 50V 10% 0803Bulk10µF±10%0M35C106K050BZSS product page link
M35C336K050BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 33UF 50V 10% 0803M35C336K050BZSSCAP TANT 33UF 50V 10% 0803Bulk33µF±10%0M35C336K050BZSS product page link
M35C276K060BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 27UF 60V 10% 0803M35C276K060BZSSCAP TANT 27UF 60V 10% 0803Bulk27µF±10%0M35C276K060BZSS product page link
M35C226K075BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 22UF 75V 10% 0803M35C226K075BZSSCAP TANT 22UF 75V 10% 0803Bulk22µF±10%0M35C226K075BZSS product page link
M35C685K125BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 6.8UF 125V 10% 0803M35C685K125BZSSCAP TANT 6.8UF 125V 10% 0803Bulk6.8µF±10%0M35C685K125BZSS product page link
M34C106K125BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 10UF 125V 10% SMDM34C106K125BZSSCAP TANT 10UF 125V 10% SMDBulk10µF±10%0M34C106K125BZSS product page link
M34C686K050BZSS datasheet linkCAP TANT 68UF 50V 10% SMDM34C686K050BZSSCAP TANT 68UF 50V 10% SMDBulk68µF±10%1 - Immediate
M34C686K050BZSS product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-11-08