High Temp Tantalum Capacitors


The presentation will familiarize the user in both wet and solid tantalum technology for temperatures reaching 200°C, projected to go higher in the near future. There will be a discussion of high temperature applications such as down-hole drilling. The 135D and 134D series will be dissed, as well as the SuperTan® wet tantalum technology. The high temperature TH5 series will be introduced, and the 175° TH4 series will be highlighted.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusCapacitanceAvailable Quantity
TH3E226K035C0500 datasheet linkCAP TANT 22UF 35V 10% 2917TH3E226K035C0500CAP TANT 22UF 35V 10% 2917Active22µF5540 - Immediate
TH3E226K035C0500 product page link
TH3B105K035C4400 datasheet linkCAP TANT 1UF 35V 10% 1411TH3B105K035C4400CAP TANT 1UF 35V 10% 1411Active1µF7185 - Immediate
TH3B105K035C4400 product page link
TH3C106K025C1100 datasheet linkCAP TANT 10UF 25V 10% 2312TH3C106K025C1100CAP TANT 10UF 25V 10% 2312Active10µF4008 - Immediate
TH3C106K025C1100 product page link
TH3E107K016C0600 datasheet linkCAP TANT 100UF 16V 10% 2917TH3E107K016C0600CAP TANT 100UF 16V 10% 2917Active100µF1423 - Immediate
TH3E107K016C0600 product page link
TH3B225K025C3000 datasheet linkCAP TANT 2.2UF 25V 10% 1411TH3B225K025C3000CAP TANT 2.2UF 25V 10% 1411Discontinued2.2µF2214 - Immediate
TH3B225K025C3000 product page link
TH3D476K016C0600 datasheet linkCAP TANT 47UF 16V 10% 2917TH3D476K016C0600CAP TANT 47UF 16V 10% 2917Active47µF1475 - Immediate
TH3D476K016C0600 product page link
TH3D106K035C0700 datasheet linkCAP TANT 10UF 35V 10% 2917TH3D106K035C0700CAP TANT 10UF 35V 10% 2917Active10µF957 - Immediate
TH3D106K035C0700 product page link
TH4C226K016C1400 datasheet linkCAP TANT 22UF 16V 10% 2413TH4C226K016C1400CAP TANT 22UF 16V 10% 2413Discontinued22µF473 - Immediate
TH4C226K016C1400 product page link
TH4C476K010C0500 datasheet linkCAP TANT 47UF 10V 10% 2413TH4C476K010C0500CAP TANT 47UF 10V 10% 2413Active47µF167 - Immediate
TH4C476K010C0500 product page link
TH3D226K035C0300 datasheet linkCAP TANT 22UF 35V 10% 2917TH3D226K035C0300CAP TANT 22UF 35V 10% 2917Active22µF1261 - Immediate
TH3D226K035C0300 product page link
TH3D336K025C0500 datasheet linkCAP TANT 33UF 25V 10% 2917TH3D336K025C0500CAP TANT 33UF 25V 10% 2917Active33µF127 - Immediate
TH3D336K025C0500 product page link
TH3A335K016C3400 datasheet linkCAP TANT 3.3UF 16V 10% 1206TH3A335K016C3400CAP TANT 3.3UF 16V 10% 1206Discontinued3.3µF0TH3A335K016C3400 product page link
134D108X9060K6 datasheet linkCAP TANT 1000UF 60V 10% AXIAL134D108X9060K6CAP TANT 1000UF 60V 10% AXIALActive1000µF0134D108X9060K6 product page link
PTM Published on: 2013-01-09