CAP TANT 10UF 35V 10% 2312

COTS Tantalum Capacitors


This tutorial provides information about Vishay’s line of high reliability (Hi-Rel) COTS capacitors, will describe the features and benefits associated with these specialized products, and provides commonly used applications.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCapacitanceToleranceAvailable QuantityBuy Now
T97F226K063LSACAP TANT 22UF 63V 10% 302422µF±10%3624 - Immediate
T97Z476K050LSACAP TANT 47UF 50V 10% 302447µF±10%2325 - Immediate
T83C105K050EZZLCAP TANT 1UF 50V 10% 23121.0µF±10%1173 - Immediate
T83D107K010EZZLCAP TANT 100UF 10V 10% 2917100µF±10%948 - Immediate
T95R337K016LSALCAP TANT 330UF 16V 10% 2824330µF±10%474 - Immediate
T97E156K050LSACAP TANT 15UF 50V 10% 291715µF±10%750 - Immediate
T97R227K020LSACAP TANT 220UF 20V 10% 3024220µF±10%2960 - Immediate
T97F108K010LSACAP TANT 1000UF 10V 10% 30241000µF±10%342 - Immediate
T95R106K050LSALCAP TANT 10UF 50V 10% 282410µF±10%207 - Immediate
T83C106K025EZZLCAP TANT 10UF 25V 10% 231210µF±10%1030 - Immediate
T83C106K035EZZLCAP TANT 10UF 35V 10% 231210µF±10%935 - Immediate
T83E227K010EZZLCAP TANT 220UF 10V 10% 2917220µF±10%468 - Immediate
T95C107K016LSALCAP TANT 100UF 16V 10% 2812100µF±10%860 - Immediate
T95R226K050LSALCAP TANT 22UF 50V 10% 282422µF±10%997 - Immediate
T97R226K050LSACAP TANT 22UF 50V 10% 302422µF±10%1423 - Immediate
T97R687K010LSACAP TANT 680UF 10V 10% 3024680µF±10%165 - Immediate
T83A475K010EZZLCAP TANT 4.7UF 10V 10% 12064.7µF±10%2082 - Immediate
T83B106K016EZZLCAP TANT 10UF 16V 10% 141110µF±10%4565 - Immediate
T95X106K016LSALCAP TANT 10UF 16V 10% 291010µF±10%1483 - Immediate
T83D106K035EZZLCAP TANT 10UF 35V 10% 291710µF±10%641 - Immediate
T83D475K050EZZLCAP TANT 4.7UF 50V 10% 29174.7µF±10%883 - Immediate
T83E107K016EZZSCAP TANT 100UF 16V 10% 2917100µF±10%816 - Immediate
T83E106K050EZZSCAP TANT 10UF 50V 10% 291710µF±10%1096 - Immediate
T83E226K035EZZLCAP TANT 22UF 35V 10% 291722µF±10%460 - Immediate
T97E337K010LSACAP TANT 330UF 10V 10% 2917330µF±10%624 - Immediate
T95R157K020LSALCAP TANT 150UF 20V 10% 2824150µF±10%292 - Immediate
T83D336K020EZZLCAP TANT 33UF 20V 10% 291733µF±10%1352 - Immediate
T83A106K010EZZLCAP TANT 10UF 10V 10% 120610µF±10%1907 - Immediate
T83B106K020EZZLCAP TANT 10UF 20V 10% 141110µF±10%3921 - Immediate
T83C107K010EZZSCAP TANT 100UF 10V 10% 2312100µF±10%475 - Immediate
T83C106K016EZZLCAP TANT 10UF 16V 10% 231210µF±10%377 - Immediate
T83C227K6R3EZZLCAP TANT 220UF 6.3V 10% 2312220µF±10%596 - Immediate
T83D336K025EZZSCAP TANT 33UF 25V 10% 291733µF±10%124 - Immediate
T83D476K016EZZLCAP TANT 47UF 16V 10% 291747µF±10%970 - Immediate
T83D226K035EZZLCAP TANT 22UF 35V 10% 291722µF±10%476 - Immediate
T83E336K025EZZLCAP TANT 33UF 25V 10% 291733µF±10%275 - Immediate
T97F157K025LSACAP TANT 150UF 25V 10% 3024150µF±10%183 - Immediate
T97R686K025LSACAP TANT 68UF 25V 10% 302468µF±10%120 - Immediate
T83A225K025EZZLCAP TANT 2.2UF 25V 10% 12062.2µF±10%0
T83A475K020EZZLCAP TANT 4.7UF 20V 10% 12064.7µF±10%0
T83A105K035EZZLCAP TANT 1UF 35V 10% 12061.0µF±10%0
T83B336K010EZZLCAP TANT 33UF 10V 10% 141133µF±10%0
T83B475K025EZZLCAP TANT 4.7UF 25V 10% 14114.7µF±10%0
T83B335K035EZZLCAP TANT 3.3UF 35V 10% 14113.3µF±10%0
T83B476K6R3EZZLCAP TANT 47UF 6.3V 10% 141147µF±10%0
T83B476K010EZZLCAP TANT 47UF 10V 10% 141147µF±10%0
T83B336K016EZZLCAP TANT 33UF 16V 10% 141133µF±10%0
T83B105K050EZZLCAP TANT 1UF 50V 10% 14111.0µF±10%0
T83C226K020EZZSCAP TANT 22UF 20V 10% 231222µF±10%0
T83C475K035EZZLCAP TANT 4.7UF 35V 10% 23124.7µF±10%0
T95S105K035LSALCAP TANT 1UF 35V 10% 15071.0µF±10%0
T83D476K020EZZSCAP TANT 47UF 20V 10% 291747µF±10%0
T83C225K050EZZLCAP TANT 2.2UF 50V 10% 23122.2µF±10%0
T83D156K035EZZLCAP TANT 15UF 35V 10% 291715µF±10%0
T83E476K020EZZLCAP TANT 47UF 20V 10% 291747µF±10%0
T83E337K010EZZSCAP TANT 330UF 10V 10% 2917330µF±10%0
T83E476K025EZZLCAP TANT 47UF 25V 10% 291747µF±10%0
T95D336K025LSALCAP TANT 33UF 25V 10% 291733µF±10%0
T95D156K035LSALCAP TANT 15UF 35V 10% 291715µF±10%0
T95D685K050LSALCAP TANT 6.8UF 50V 10% 29176.8µF±10%0
T95D477K6R3LSALCAP TANT 470UF 6.3V 10% 2917470µF±10%0
T95D227K010LSALCAP TANT 220UF 10V 10% 2917220µF±10%0
T95D157K016LSALCAP TANT 150UF 16V 10% 2917150µF±10%0
T97V477K004LSACAP TANT 470UF 4V 10% 2917470µF±10%0
T97E687K6R3LSACAP TANT 680UF 6.3V 10% 2917680µF±10%0
T95R337K010LSALCAP TANT 330UF 10V 10% 2824330µF±10%0
T95R686K025LSALCAP TANT 68UF 25V 10% 282468µF±10%0
T97E477K6R3LSACAP TANT 470UF 6.3V 10% 2917470µF±10%0
T95R156K050LSALCAP TANT 15UF 50V 10% 282415µF±10%0
T95R687K6R3LSALCAP TANT 680UF 6.3V 10% 2824680µF±10%0
T95R227K016LSALCAP TANT 220UF 16V 10% 2824220µF±10%0
T97R158K004LSACAP TANT 1500UF 4V 10% 30241500µF±10%0
T95R107K010LSALCAP TANT 100UF 10V 10% 2824100µF±10%0
T95R476K020LSALCAP TANT 47UF 20V 10% 282447µF±10%0
T95R336K035LSALCAP TANT 33UF 35V 10% 282433µF±10%0
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