CAP TANT 10UF 16V 10% 1206

Conformal Coated Tantalum Capacitor


This tutorial will discuss the Vishay line of conformal coated tantalum capacitors including their features, potential applications, design considerations, and benefits of use.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCapacitanceToleranceAvailable QuantityBuy Now
293D104X0035A2TE3CAP TANT 0.1UF 35V 20% 1206Tape & Reel (TR)0.1µF±20%0
293D104X9025A2TE3CAP TANT 0.1UF 25V 10% 1206Tape & Reel (TR)0.1µF±10%0
293D105X0010A2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 10V 20% 1206Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±20%0
293D105X0025A2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 25V 20% 1206Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±20%0
293D105X9010A2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 10V 10% 1206Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±10%0
293D106X0004A2TE3CAP TANT 10UF 4V 20% 1206Tape & Reel (TR)10µF±20%0
293D105X0035A2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 35V 20% 1206Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±20%0
293D104X0050A2TE3CAP TANT 0.1UF 50V 20% 1206Tape & Reel (TR)0.1µF±20%0
293D104X5035A2TE3CAP TANT 0.1UF 35V 5% 1206Tape & Reel (TR)0.1µF±5%0
293D105X5016A2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 16V 5% 1206Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±5%0
293D105X5025A2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 25V 5% 1206Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±5%0
293D105X0020B2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 20V 20% 1411Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±20%0
293D105X0025B2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 25V 20% 1411Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±20%0
293D105X9020B2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 20V 10% 1411Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±10%0
293D105X9025B2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 25V 10% 1411Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±10%0
293D106X0004B2TE3CAP TANT 10UF 4V 20% 1411Tape & Reel (TR)10µF±20%0
293D105X0050B2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 50V 20% 1411Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±20%0
293D105X5035B2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 35V 5% 1411Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±5%0
293D105X9050B2TE3CAP TANT 1UF 50V 10% 1411Tape & Reel (TR)1.0µF±10%0
293D106X0010C2TE3CAP TANT 10UF 10V 20% 2312Tape & Reel (TR)10µF±20%0
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-08