Commercial Wet Tantalum Capacitors


This training module will provide information about Vishay's line of Commercial Wet Tantalum Capacitor products and describe the features and benefits associated with these specialized, highly reliable products, as well as commonly used applications and end markets.

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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCapacitanceToleranceAvailable QuantityBuy Now
109D106X9025C2CAP TANT 10UF 25V 10% AXIALTray10µF±10%0
109D106X9050C2CAP TANT 10UF 50V 10% AXIALTray10µF±10%0
109D106X9100F2CAP TANT 10UF 100V 10% AXIALTray10µF±10%0
109D107X9025F2CAP TANT 100UF 25V 10% AXIALTray100µF±10%0
109D116X9100F2CAP TANT 11UF 100V 10% AXIALTray11µF±10%0
109D127X9015F2CAP TANT 120UF 15V 10% AXIALTray120µF±10%0
109D136X9075F2CAP TANT 13UF 75V 10% AXIALTray13µF±10%0
109D146X9125F2CAP TANT 14UF 125V 10% AXIALTray14µF±10%0
109D106X9100C2CAP TANT 10UF 100V 10% AXIALTray10µF±10%0
109D107X9015C2CAP TANT 100UF 15V 10% AXIALTray100µF±10%0
109D126X9075C2CAP TANT 12UF 75V 10% AXIALTray12µF±10%0
109D127X9010C2CAP TANT 120UF 10V 10% AXIALTray120µF±10%0
109D107X9025T2CAP TANT 100UF 25V 10% AXIALTray100µF±10%0
109D107X9030T2CAP TANT 100UF 30V 10% AXIALTray100µF±10%0
109D108X9010T2CAP TANT 1000UF 10V 10% AXIALTray1000µF±10%0
109D117X9075T2CAP TANT 110UF 75V 10% AXIALTray110µF±10%0
109D128X9010T2CAP TANT 1200UF 10V 10% AXIALTray1200µF±10%0
109D117X9075K2CAP TANT 110UF 75V 10% AXIALTray110µF±10%0
109D128X9006K2CAP TANT 1200UF 6V 10% AXIALTray1200µF±10%0
109D108X9015K2CAP TANT 1000UF 15V 10% AXIALTray1000µF±10%0
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-08